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Posted by Yianni Serpanos, October 14th, 2011

One of the most valuable resources a health care professional has is time and in the context of patient care, spending more time with patients means you can optimise your ability to help a patient deal with their wellness concerns/ issues.

Time is also valuable to you the practitioner to look after your own lifestyle interests and personal wellness and plan your life’s journey.

Time spent not looking after your own life or your patients wellness is potentially a waste of your time and as we know to well, running the business of health care must inevitably come with admin and compliance activities.

At coreplus , we are focussed on streamlining the business of health practice management so that time saving is not just an idea, but a reality as is already the case with our health practice management product called coreplus .

Already many coreplus users report back how much they love the time effiencies resulting from structured or automated work-flows within coreplus .

We have a genuine passion to ensure Australian’s are able to access health care providers and receive quality time/ care with their practitioner.  So much so that we are anticipating that the best way to achieve this is matching quality business operating systems i.e. coreplus with quality health practitioners.

In doing so we aim to help practitioners build long and healthy careers helping Australians and having time to attract younger practioners into their businesses so that succession planning can be optimised in terms of skill/ experience and quality business information to aid that process.

By thinking this way, we are supporting the Health industry propagate and grow to the benefit of all Australians.

Let us know how we help you to operate and delivery better quality health care to your patients and how that enables you to mentor younger practioners.

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