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By Diana Younan | May 30, 2012

Hello to you all!

For a while now we have been working on several new updates to further increase the power and ease of use that OPMS offers.  Starting on Monday the 4th of June we will be rolling out these features to everybody so that the whole community can enjoy them as well as adapt to the changes (as incredibly useful as they may be!).
The updates will include:

A new client search feature

Start typing in a client’s name and possible matches will appear. Jump straight to the “add client” screen by clicking on the green cross.

New interfaces for adding a new client and editing existing client details.

Cosmetic overhauls of these screens allow for a much more comfortable workflow and a clear display, making everything easier to locate and read.

New client lists with searchable fields and filters.

Filter the client list by sites or find a particular client (or clients) via several different criteria using the “Search” function.

A room booking facility.

Create rooms within sites that reflect your practice. Clients can then be booked by room on the calendar, allowing for even fewer double bookings. The calendar can also be viewed in “room view”, allowing you to see which clients are in which rooms during the day.

A new appointment screen

Again, a cosmetic overhaul has occurred to improve workflow and make reading easier. Appointment statistics are displayed after selecting a client. The selected practitioner’s schedule is also displayed to make booking simpler.

New Financial Reporting

The financial reporting has undergone a large change, making reports easier to generate. The visual changes allow the financial reporting feature to be navigated smoothly and generate reports as quickly as possible.

Pay by the Hour Billing

The new version of OPMS allows for users to be charged based on the number of hours they are logged in for. This is perfect for part-time employees. A session time-out feature has also been implemented in case someone walks away from their desk and has left their account logged in.

Last but certainly not least, OPMS has been optimised to run a lot smoother and quicker. We ran parallel testing between the older and newer system and we noticed significant performance increases. This should make day-to-day use even better.
If you experience any problems with the new features the support team will be standing by to lend assistance. Additionally, all these new features are covered in our Help Centre.

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