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“Online” and “Practice Management” is not enough

By Yianni Serpanos | Dec 18, 2012

It has been almost 5 years since the Online Practice Management Studio “OPMS” was developed and trialled in Victoria and 3 years since being launched nationally.

From the beginning, coreplus’s product development was driven by user needs.  In fact, it was our Managing Directors father (Tony Pirotta – Practicing Psychologist) who challenged coreplus to develop a practical and transportable electronic patient management software to suit his needs.  Once the first challenge was met, Tony and some interested colleagues trialling the early version pushed further with requests and workflow requirements.  This led to a feature set within the software that catered for most patient and practice management needs.  The software was designed to be delivered via an internet browser as this was an up and coming technological pathway which promoted access from anywhere and truly enabled the ability to move your patient/ practice management software with you when consulting from different locations.

Since those formative times, coreplus has fast become Australia’s leading online patient & practice management solution for health professionals Australia wide.

Sole Practitioners, private practice, small business, clinics and corporate have accepted our software as the right choice to manage their patients, appointments and finances in one easy to use system.

In addition to access anywhere via our innovative cloud delivery platform, coreplus has integrated cash flow optimisation technology, particularly Medicare online claiming and DVA to compliment patient and practice management.  Other advances have seen third party software being integrated to expand on coreplus’s core functionality with general ledger, BAS, Payroll and tax return preparation.  This type of approach is referred to in the cloud industry as “Add-Ons”.

coreplus is always user focussed and therefore we’re not second guessing what you need.  We value and take seriously all requests that come through from new requirements.  We’re excited that coreplus has developed fast with more reports, integrations and add on’s resulting in our customers having more support, access anywhere, faster cash flow and reduced admin time resulting in more time to treat or spend with the family.

With the journey to date focussed on patient and practice management, we’ve developed a very robust and feature rich software.  It amazes us constantly how businesses and practitioners alike are finding uses for coreplus.  Some examples where our software has been used beyond providing health services are franchise systems (e.g. ResSleep, Life Resolutions), charities and not for profits (e.g. OzChild, Choc for Kids) and corporate (e.g. Fortescue Metals, Medibank).

This has led us to consider what the health industry and health service provider needs are going to be in the coming years.  We’ve concluded that patient and practice management is the bare minimum set of features/ functions needed to be provided.  Beyond that, there are four key areas that we currently provide software technology for and see the need to continue to expand in.

Our strategies are incorporated into a new logo and brand image. This symbol represents symmetry and balance built around a core (the pink triangle).  Triangles have been used to symbolise geometric strength with different triangles and colours indicative of the different facets that our software and services represent to health providers.  The shape lends itself to change and transformation which define our business model as innovative and growing in line with our clients’ needs.


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