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Posted by Yianni Serpanos, January 31st, 2013

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We’re delighted to formally announce our new brand and logo:

Effective from the end of January 2013, we’re progressively re-branding to coreplus™.

It’s not all going to happen overnight, so please be patient with us as we start with the website, emails, documents etc and systematically transform the old OPMS look and feel into the new coreplus™ brand.

Why the change?

Basically, there has been a lot going on and we’ve developed some great tech, new additions and a variety of great programs to help you connect and grow as a health provider.

You just wouldn’t know it based on the old brand…here’s some more detail:

  • We feel patient & practice management features and functions are a minimum standard going forward and our product does so much more and is so much more…therefore our Brand should be able to communicate that.
  • OPMS didn’t really mean much to most of you according to our research, we would prefer a Brand that does mean something to you and is able to build on the great relationship we already share.
  • Although OPMS literally stood for Online Practice Management Studio we felt it was not communicating that besides being online and providing patient/ practice management software, we also provide a great deal more including Cash-flow optimizing technology, Online add-on integration’s, Referral of patients and E-health, AND the flexibility to be used by any type of health provider e.g. from a sole proprietor right through to major corporations…all of which need our new Brand seeks to address.
  • Being online is sexy and nice today, but in time it’s going to become a norm…we don’t want to be known just for that…we need to communicate more effectively that you’ve made the right choice in subscribing to our software based on your patient/ practice management needs today AND into the future.
  • We have strong cultural values in approaching our business and a great team of people dedicated to continually evolving our software with the higher goal of giving you the best possible experience so that you “practice happy”.
  • We’ve been building a network of corporate health providers who are seeking health professionals to refer patients to and we want to give you access to them.
  • We’ve been integrating with third party online software providers beyond patient/ practice management for you to augment our software with…OPMS never told you that.
  • We’ve been integrating other medical billing systems such as DVA and developing private insurance billing partnerships which you should know about.
  • We’re a member of the Medical Software Industry of Australia and have been staying in touch with e-Health developments and requirements for the Primary and Allied Health sectors with continuous development toward conformance, compliance and certification that needs to be shared with you.
  • Our Software has been mapped to comply with the workflow quality standards necessary to be certified as a practice manager at a Certificate III and IV in Health Practice Management.
  • We have developed an Australian legally compliant tele-health aka tele-consultation technology which will allow you to provide a remote consultation and replace skype (or similar) in expanding your “virtual” practice.

As you can appreciate, OPMS just wasn’t telling you enough or giving you the full story.

We’ve been hanging out to communicate to you that, although we’re really good at providing online patient/ practice management, there is so much more to our product presently with a lot more to come.  Things such as new tech, new integration’s and a community of partners/ affiliates that has been developed with the goal toward helping you connect and grow as an Australian health provider and practice happy.

Patient & practice management is the beginning of the journey for any health provider being the “core” part of our Software, whilst providing for expanding this functionality via other technology available within our suite of software being the “plus” aspect.

What does coreplus mean?

coreplus derives from the two words “core” and “plus” which literally mean:


“The central or innermost part, the basic or most important part, the base on which something is built, the essence etc…”


“Increased by the addition of, added to, along with, extra, increased to a further degree, ranking on a higher end of a scale, a favorable condition/ factor, positive etc…”


Which in combination communicates that patient and practice management software is the core of a health professionals everyday life, but it doesn’t stop there.

We’re factoring in that each health profession varies to some extent in work-flow requirements/ software needs (e.g. type of health service provided), scope (e.g. specialization  and scale (e.g. from sole proprietorship through to major corporate structures) and therefore needs additional features/ functions/ work-flows/ integration’s and add-ons.

We want to convey that when you subscribe to coreplus, you’ve made the right choice as all your patient and practice management needs are addressed “plus” you can grow and take up other enhancements, integration’s and add-ons based as and when you need them.

coreplus is a quality system and will continually evolve in line with best practices within the health and technology industries making it the right choice for the modern health professional.

By implementing and using coreplus and its partner network you are freeing up time and money otherwise lost on admin, on bespoke systems and will create the right dynamics so that, now and into the future, you “practice happy”.

The is what our new Brand is all about…use coreplus and practice happy!

We’ll be releasing some more blogs talking about our logo’s symbol “the origami pyramid“, the meaning in the choice of colors in each of the triangles, more about coreplus and our tag-line “practice happy”…

Let us know your feelings about our new logo, subscribe below and comment…we’ll keep you posted on this and other news from coreplus.

8 responses to “coreplus – our new brand announced!”

  1. Steven says:

    Love the new branding guys, Life Resolutions and the Virtual Briefcase is looking forward to having it all rolled out across our network.

    • mstanton says:

      Hi there guys, great to see the constant innovation and energy. Can’t wait to see the next steps.

    • Thanks for the support Steve, we’re excited to be providing the patient and practice management to the Life Resolutions and The Virtual Briefcase user network and going forward to the opportunity to introduce the referral of patients/ clients to our broader user community.

  2. tony13 says:

    Love the new concept guys.

    Rationale is excellent.

    Can’t wait for the additional info so I can appreciate and use the software better.

    Well done to the gang. Tony

  3. Thanks Tony, we’re here for our user community…our mission is to connect, help and grow our user community…currently hard at it in releasing the new website with the updated coreplus brand…

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