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By Yianni Serpanos | Jun 27, 2013

About At Ease Professional:

At Ease Professional is a one-stop online site for mental health providers to access a variety of tools and information about the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
Some information which is available to health providers is:

 Evidence based assessments

 Outcome Tools

 Treatment options &

 Latest research in military mental health


Linked to the site, you will also find information about:

 A series of online training programs that have been developed to increase the knowledge of the mental health providers who treat veterans’ and ex-service personnel

 What’s new in DVA

 Information on referrals

 Research articles outlining mental health support needs &

 Mental health advice books

  Fact Sheets


If you would like to learn more about At Ease Professional, below are some links to get you started:

What At Ease has to offer


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