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Posted by Yianni Serpanos, August 6th, 2014

Category: Technology

Let’s say, hypothetically of course, that you loose your lap top, your iPad gets stolen, or your power goes out and an electrical fault fries the hard disk.  What are you to do now?

You can always go out and replace damaged parts or even buy a new computer if you have to.  But one issue always looms; Data loss.

You may have had all your data backed up. However, you are now subject to the tedium of restoring it. Or you may have not performed a backup for a while, meaning you would have lost a bit of data.  Not to mention that all your software needs to be re-installed.  Even after all this, you could end up the victim of another tragic event, leading you back to square one.

You may have never actually backed up your data at all and just hoped that this would never happen.  The problems with this scenario speak for themselves.  Even updating your system can become an arduous task.  You’ll be faced with the same data restoration and software re-installation issues that plague replacing lost, stolen or damaged systems.  This is often enough of a deterrent to prevent upgrades all together, forcing you to ‘make do’ with what you have.

It makes you think about the effectiveness of localised systems and backups.  This means there is nothing to install and more importantly, no data is lost if anything should happen to your computer. Regardless of your location or the computer that you’re on, all you need do to is to log in to have all your data at your fingertips.

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