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Important update regarding the new version of coreplus

By coreplus | Dec 19, 2014

Last week a new version of coreplus was released with both new and improved features, including the newest security updates and incorporating feedback from users just like you.

To assist with the transition you will find a notification window (see below) on the coreplus Dashboard advising which version of coreplus you are logged into with links to switch versions and find out more about the changes. To learn more about this click here.

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Whilst it is anticipated that access to the previous version will be removed at the end of February this is entirely dependent on feedback from users via the practice happy feedback located at the bottom of pages within coreplus.

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After selecting the corresponding image for your current practice happy experience it’s extremely valuable for the coreplus team to understand what it is that makes you happy, unhappy or just meh! Your feedback is highly valued and has the attention of the entire coreplus team who love to hear what’s good, bad and average about coreplus from your experience.

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Initial feedback about the new version of coreplus has been overwhelmingly positive with improved functionality and enhancements to existing features warmly received. The popularity of the features within the new version has meant that some users experienced slower than usual speeds or dropping out for intermittent short periods, this has been addressed by significantly increasing server capacity for the new version of coreplus, a planned increase that was brought forward based on your feedback allowing coreplus to react promptly, thank you!

The new email and contact list framework has also generated significant feedback which has been taken on board and is being acted upon as has feedback relating to the new letter writer functionality most notably the ability to select recipients that are not referrers or treaters of a specific client, this feedback is also being acted upon.

To get the most out of the “practice happy” feedback mechanism, we strongly encourage you to feedback to us any thoughts, feelings or ideas relating to your experience of coreplus.  If you are seeking to report an issue or request support, please continue to use our normal support/help centre.  The practice happy feedback system is ideal for talking opening with us about how we can continue to keep you practicing happy.

coreplus is committed to your practice experience being a happy one so keep the feedback coming and benefit from new and upgraded feature requests from the entire coreplus community.

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