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Posted by coreplus, January 23rd, 2015

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Please be aware that as of late 2014 Google Chrome announced that it was introducing a new warning standard in relation to SHA1 certificates. This is because Google Chrome are preparing for the phasing out of SHA1 certificates in preference of SHA2 certificates (pretty boring stuff unless you’re really excited by varying degrees of web security).

You may be familiar with the green padlock GPad icon that resides at the beginning of a URL in your browser that indicates that the website you’re viewing is secure as opposed to the red text RPadthat indicates the website is not secure.

The new standard now has the following icon:

This is a lock with a yellow triangle YPad that will be displayed for SHA1 certificates that expire on/after 1 June 2016, indicating that the website is “Secure, but minor errors”. The minor errors relates to the certificate expiry date being post 1 June 2016.

Why is coreplus advising you of this change?

Currently when viewing coreplus the URL is prefaced by the YPadicon indicating that the coreplus website’s SHA1 security certificate, whilst current and valid will expire later than 1 June 2016. In conjunction with our provider we are in the process of moving to an SHA2 certificate after which the GPadicon will return. Be assured that at all times coreplus is secure.

For more detailed information regarding coreplus security you can read our previous blog here: http://www.coreplus.com.au/2013/09/learn-all-about-coreplus-security/

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