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Posted by coreplus, March 22nd, 2017

Category: coreplus

Suggest ideas, request new features and Vote for existing Ideas to be implemented. Adding ideas here will allow other members of our community to see your idea and vote for its implementation, you will be informed of its status.

Many of the great features added to coreplus in recent years were added because of feature requests from our users. With the launch of our new ideas portal, suggesting ideas is now easier than ever before.

Some of the key changes are:

  • When adding a new idea, you are prompted to consider voting for an existing idea based on key words in your idea description.
  • Voting on similar idea and adding comments to it demonstrates that there is high demand for the feature being requested which increases its likelihood of being implemented.
  • The status of an Idea is visible in the portal, you can easily see Ideas transition from “Likely to Implement” to “In Progress” and then “Shipped”.
  • Notification are automatically sent to creators and voters of an Idea when the Status is updated.
  • Ideas can be allocated to Categories so that you can easily check if your idea has already been submitted.
  • Use the tabs at the top of the page to quickly filter the Ideas by Recent, Trending or Popular

Don’t be afraid to put your name on the suggestion, we’re always keen to get people involved in testing and early release versions, but if you’re not comfortable you can always do it anonymously.

The coreplus team are busy migrating previous feature requests to the new portal so whether you have a new Idea for coreplus or just want check out what others have submitted click here: https://ideas.coreplus.com.au

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