New Clinical Record Features | Available from July 18th 2017

By Lachlan Cox | Jul 05, 2017

At coreplus, we understand just how important quickly and easily entering case notes and clinical records are to allied health practitioners.

We’ve been working on making coreplus users even happier, with a number of new clinical record features being released from the 18th July 2017. Many of these features have been created based on the feedback provided by the coreplus user community through the ideas portal ( – check it out!) – So for that we have to say; thank you very much!

The first thing you will notice is that the clinical record sections have been placed into the new Clinical section which contains your Case Notes, Draft Notes (formerly known as Progress Notes), Injuries and Body Charts, Medications, Custom Data and Questionnaires all in one convenient and easy to reach spot! And to save you time, clicking ‘Clinical’ will now take you directly to that client’s notes!

You can now optimise your work space with a collapsible and expandable saved Case Note History – This applies to any area of the clinical records; meaning you are will now be able to check on any previously entered notes while entering any new data into the clinical records area.

Some of the most exciting changes (and we’re sure you’ll agree) are the changes made to the case and draft notes sections;


Drafts can now be saved directly from Case notes, so if you decide a note isn’t quite finished yet or have another client to attend to, save it as a draft and return to it later. This also makes committing draft notes back to case notes super easy – just click back on the draft, complete what’s needed and then click “Save & Finalise”. No more jumping between Progress and Case Notes!




Keyboard shortcuts! You’ve asked for them and here they are! Create as many custom keyboard shortcuts as desired and watch your data entry speed sky-rocket as you get back to the important things. For example, in the image to the left, rather than typing out ‘General Practitioner’ every time, you can create a keyboard shortcut where all you’d have to type is #gp and General Practitioner would populate in its place.


Images and media can now be directly inserted into case notes through the menu. In addition to this, any saved body charts can be entered straight into your client’s notes – how easy is that! The case note templates have also received an update and are also found under the ‘Insert’ menu option.


The ‘Injuries and Charts’ allow you to record injuries and illnesses for a patient. Previously if you needed to add an injury or illness category while working on a chart you would have to go back, add it and start again. But fear not -With the latest update you will now be able to add and edit categories (similar to Client Groups) at any point without losing your work!




So block out your calendars for the 18th of July…the countdown begins!


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