coreplus: Responding to coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Yianni Serpanos | Mar 17, 2020

I wanted to share with you how we’re responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) as we all continue to come to terms with this unprecedented and extraordinary time.

At coreplus, our key focus is to ensure that we keep our customers, teams, add-ons & partners safe and supported as best we can.  As such we are taking all reasonable precautions to respond to the day to day fluid state of affairs based on determining any potential risks, ensuring we have business resilience and continuity, updating training & support for our teams, partners, add-ons and customers.

We accept that new information must be taking into consideration and are committed to responding to new information as it comes to hand.

The changes we have made in responding to COVID-19 for our Teams:

  • Effective Sunday 15th March, 2020 our teams were advised to work from their home offices until further notice.  coreplus Agile is part of our day to day working culture having fully embraced flexible working arrangements supporting freedom and choice of where and how to work and have historically operated predominantly in a remote work architecture if required with business processes and systems implemented to support effective, efficient and resilient Agile working.
  • All external meetings have been limited to online only.
  • All team members currently living and working overseas are not required to travel back into Australia for work purposes.
  • We are sharing meaningful, factual and up to date information with our team regularly on the following:
    • Guidelines and information around COVID-19,
    • Prevention strategies,
    • Symptoms to look out for, and what the statistics are indicating are the range of effects on people
    • Key contact information for urgent medical attention (i.e. 000)
    • Additional information sources: i.e. Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080
  • We are supporting each daily to minimize senses of isolation, undue fear/ anxiety and concerns for well being
  • We are generally fully transparent around the financial performance of coreplus and continue to do so.
  • We have cancelled until further notice discretionary events requiring physical attendance by participants

The changes we have made in responding to COVID-19 for our Subscribers:

(NB: some of these initiatives for healthcare practice or clinic owners and your teams are provided as support suggestions only should you not already have these already addressed within your COVID-19 policies/ procedures already being implemented.):

  • We have prioritised our development to address and respond to our subscribers needs which will include releasing a fully digital health compliant tele-health capability to our extended customer community (Further announcements pending)
  • A pre-screening online booking notice and procedure has been developed and released, to help you implement COVID-19 online booking pre-screening notices setting out instructions for your clients who are becoming aware of COVID-19 like symptoms and instructing them to call your reception for further instructions.
  • A practice CLIENT-ALERT template has been created and released, to help you implement a procedure for physically attending clients to read before entering your healthcare practice or clinic.
  • Content & Support for Healthcare Practice & Clinic owners on how to respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) e.g. patient/ client communications and digital heatlh service delivery to deal with social distancing and it’s impact on healthcare providers, healthcare practices and clinic owners.

To help with Digital Health Service Delivery, I’ll be delivering a free Webinar and Live Q&A this coming Tuesday 24th, March 2020 at 8:00PM AEDST along with Megan Walker from Market Savvy who will be discussing Patient/ Client Communication in light of COVID-19.  You can register for this free webinar here

It’s important to be up to date with COVID-19 information, work with facts, share this information with your clients, your teams, their families and their extended social networks so that we can approach this challenge in a cool, calm and collected way and avoid uncertaintly, panic and unecessary anxiety.  We are a community…an eco-system of healthcare providers, healthtech systems and healthcare advisers and if we stick together and support each other through these challenging times we will come through better than ever.


Visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub to stay up to date with the latest key links and resources to help you develop and implement your own COVID-19 Health Practice and Clinic Management response:


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