Reimagining Healthcare: A pathway for Allied Health growth

By Yianni Serpanos | Mar 27, 2020

Whilst it’s a stressful time for healthcare that traditionally has been an in person service experience, there is no doubt in my mind that all healthcare can adapt to the model of Telehealth.  I’m reminded of a quote from Alexander the Great: “There is nothing impossible to him (her) who will try”.

And so now we have a reality to contend with and so we must face it and take one step at a time.

The Short Term Focus

The immediate short term goals for your healthcare business should be focused on your business continuity as well as your ability to retain existing clients and their continuity of care.

Regarding Business Continuity planning, see the recording of the Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream where Ben Walker (InspireCA) and I walk you through the up to date business stimulus packages available and a step by step approach you can follow for your own business.

Regarding quick adoption of video meeting tools, read my blog “are you Telehealth Ready?” which will provide you with guidelines on setting up for Telehealth fast & loose, and then what to think about next as you continue to transition into proper Telehealth workflows for Allied Health.

coreplus has been evolving Telehealth with our corporate clients for some time now and we have developed a great deal of understanding and know how as to what it entails on either side of the video call.  Our wide release of Telehealth for Allied Health providers will be out next week.

Reimagining Healthcare beyond Telehealth

Whilst Telehealth is one of the most urgent issues to adapt to right now, it’s a subset of Digital Health, and Digital Health aims to empower individuals and their providers toward better heath outcomes using safe, secure, private and seamless digital systems.

It starts with a question: How does healthcare fit into the lives, schedules, goals and aspirations of your clients?

It’s a powerful question as it brings us into an empathy with our clients, it’s a mindset that inevitably leads us to become more client centric.  Pivoting your healthcare business with this mindset will help set your true north and adapt to the changing dynamics of life.

Right now it’s COVID-19, and with people staying home and with the above question in mind, we simply have to pivot into providing online healthcare.  Not only is this good for your client, it’s good for your business.  I break down all the key things you need to know about Digital Health Service Delivery in the recent live Webinar & Q&A where I spoke with over 900 registered health professionals just like you.  You can download it for free view here:

You may think that some types of healthcare can work with Telehealth (e.g. psychology/ mental healthcare) and others can’t (physical therapy).  I believe all Allied Health can transition to Telehealth and beyond with Digital Health in part or completely.

This is one of the greatest opportunities to accelerate a new and modern way to provide healthcare.  It’s doesn’t mean that in person services will not resume in time, it simply means that beyond the mad rush to respond to COVID-19, a new dawn awaits us where we are Teleheatlh ready and this opens up incredible opportunity to discover new HealthTech and approaches that augment the traditional healthcare service delivery models, add more value to your clients, creates new alliances and referral opportunities and extends the reach of your clinical services beyond the suburbs you’ve been traditionally confined to.

And so I offer three mantras to help adapt to the situation:

  • I will focus on the solution, not the problem
  • I will focus on the future, not the past
  • I will engage my clients, gather feedback and iterate one step at a time

The coreplus team considers itself to be on the front line of defense against COVID-19, we are committed to supporting you through these changes with our release of Privacy Act compliant Telehealth software, and excited to be able to help you Reimagine Heathcare going forward with our Digital Health innovation, tools and ecosystem of referrers & advisers.

Let’s Re-imagine Healthcare and meet this change head on: Together We Can.

NB: Click on this link to find out more about our Privacy Act Compliant Australian TeleHealth Software



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