Delivering Online Mental Healthcare: Reimagining Healthcare

By Yianni Serpanos | Apr 03, 2020

On the 2nd April, 2020 I hosted a Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream with Dr Natalie Flatt, co-founder of Connect Psych Services a 100% online mental healthcare provider offering psychology and counselling to the corporate employee wellness sector and now expanding to support private clients across Australia in response to Covid-19.

Natalie generously shared her real-world experiences about the following:

  • Building and operating an online mental healthcare provider practice
  • Recruiting and developing a culture in a remote working environment
  • Developing an approach to your coverage window for access to your mental healthcare services
  • Becoming TeleHealth ready with coreplus and why it’s played a significant role in operating an online mental healthcare provider end to end.
  • Why video conferencing is not in of itself TeleHealth per-se, and although key to most online sessions, what the additional key elements (like Secure Messaging) should be to have in place to support a seamless and fully integrated workflow for online healthcare services.
  • The building blocks to becoming a digital healthcare mental healthcare provider
  • Why Connect Psych facilitate a safe, secure, seamless intake and matching between clients and practitioners using algorithmic matching logic as well as modern web and app based approach to engage with clients.
  • Where we go beyond Client Retention
  • Setting up website and online booking journeys for your clients.
  • Research in the field merging that supports the use of digital tools

It’s a great discussion through the eyes of a practice owner who is managing remote team as well as undertaking innovative marketing and business development activities.

The pathway for Online Mental Health Practice growth

I go into the Reimagining Healthcare vision in my recent blog called Reimagining Healthcare: A pathway for Allied Health growth.

I sincerely believe that health providers can not only survive, but could also thrive during and beyond Covid-19 once the first step is taken to embrace online practice and working closely with existing clients initially to ensure that both yourself and your clients are moving as one through the transition.

Whilst I have no doubts, I hope you will take away a lot encouragement and strong evidence that bricks & mortar mental health practices can transition existing clients to TeleHealth, as well as inspiring a Reimagination of your healthcare service delivery model to incorporate TeleHealth.

The Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream

The Live Stream was recorded and is now available via coreplus’s YouTube channel within the Past Live Stream Playlist, or you can watch in on coreplus’s FaceBook page within the Video Tab

It’s well worth watching or listening to for that pragmatic based insight of what can be achieved by embracing digital health service delivery model for mental healthcare.


My next Live Stream will be a discussion with Dr Kaye Frankcom scheduled for this Monday, April 6th at 2pm AEST.  You can stay updated by Subscribing to the coreplus YouTube Channel and click the bell to be notified of updates.

Activating TeleHealth

And of course if you need any support in setting up coreplus and enabling our TeleConsult feature for TeleHealth please contact our Customer Success Team via our website chat or in product chat, find out more information here:

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