Remote Outcome Monitoring, Measurement & TeleHealth: Reimagining Healthcare

By Yianni Serpanos | May 02, 2020

On the 21st April, 2020 I hosted a Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream with Dr Ben Buchanan, Psychologist and co-Founder/ Director of NOVOPSYCH, an Australian based HealthTech company providing software for administering psychological questionnaires to patients remotely.

Ben & I spoke about:

  • Why Novopsych needed to be developed
  • What is routine outcome monitoring?
  • What are the Australian specific requirements?
  • The differences between in practice versus online healthcare service delivery
  • Key benefits of cloud practice management with coreplus
  • How do practitioners know they are being effective?
  • Practice based evidence versus evidence based practice
  • The use of clinical decision making to augment intuition and expertise
  • How measuring outcomes actually improves outcomes.
  • The changes now and into the future for Mental Health
  • The Referral opportunity using Secure Messaging with GP’s

Novopsych Outcome Monitoring has been developed to work within the practice or remotely for mental health clinicians to embrace the use of cloud and tablet based software enabling automated and remote symptom monitoring of patients between visits or after treatment has stopped, and lays the groundwork for clinicians and services to automate treatment program evaluations.

In my mind embracing digital health tools that support TeleHealth models of care is not just a response to COVID-19, but also an essential addition to healthcare service delivery going forward.

In the case of Psychology, Psychiatry & Counselling, providing clinically effective workflows to administer valid and reliable psychometric tests and questionnaires either in person or remotely enhances the clinical engagement and goes toward supporting a stronger therapeutic alliance and adherence to the process.

Additionally, as mental health funding continues to grow within Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Community Initiatives, Government Policy etc…being able to demonstrate effectiveness of healthcare with data contemporaneously will support additional funding programs as the evidence grows across the sector and population of the clear benefits of mental healthcare and this is the big value proposition for mental healthcare providers.

If you’re a mental health practice owner or practitioner you will get a great insight into how to augment in clinic and TeleHealth service delivery with Digital Health clinical tools.

The Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream

The Remote Outcome Monitoring, Measurement & TeleHealth Live Stream is available via coreplus’s YouTube Channel, or FaceBook page Video Tab.

The next Live Stream will be a discussion with Kennedy Lay, Physiotherapist, Student Mentor, Founder & Director of The Communication Experience on Breaking Through TeleHealth in Physical Healthcare: Reimagining Healthcare scheduled for Tuesday 5th May, 2:00pm AEST.

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TeleHealth & Digital Health for Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Counsellors

Key features required to support Digital Health and TeleHealth are available within coreplus now e.g. Medicare/ DVA, Secure Messaging, Referral Directories, TeleHealth, APP Compliance and much more. Our Customer Success Team are available 6 Days a Week during Business Hours by engaging with our website or in product chat, click this link to find out more or start a free trial

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