TeleHealth Therapy using empathy & compassion: Reimagining Healthcare

By Yianni Serpanos | May 25, 2020

On the 12th May, 2020 I hosted a Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream and spoke with Weh Yeoh, co-founder & CEO of UMBO a 100% telehealth provider of occupational and speech therapy and online therapy training organisation.

Weh and I talked about:

  • How UMBO has grown as a TeleHealth Therapy provider & TeleHealth trainer as a result of COVID-19 with a focus on Empathy & Compassion.
  • Key insight into being a Virtual Clinic/ Provider
  • What leadership qualities are needed during a time of great stress
  • How COVID-19 has resulted in adoption of TeleHealth and what is happening
  • What the future of TeleHealth Therapy could be

Whilst TeleHealth is not a radical idea having pre-existed covid-19 for many years it has taken healthcare till now to really jump in the deep end with TeleHealth and we’re now in such a great time of transformation and to hear each others stories and experiences on the journey forward.

Weh states in our discussion “There’s nothing like a pandemic to get your house in order” and this lead onto a great discussion on the opportunity for employers to adapt the employment models in healthcare to be more flexible.  And so we delved into UMBO’s focus on values such as empathy and compassion and not just to the delivery of healthcare services to children in remote/ rural locations but also to the steps in building a team of online healthcare providers.

This latter approach is incredibly relevant now and going forward as we have a healthcare workforce that on the main is home based.  And whilst we will resume in person services more generally going forward, we have experienced that it’s not only possible to provide TeleHealth services in Australia from any location, but also that it is going to be highly valued by members of the healthcare workforce because of personal and family reasons.

And what comes through is that we are in an entrepreneurial opportunity where everyone is primed for change and the traditional resistance we’ve thought or experienced are no longer barriers as they were previously.

Necessity is the mother of all invention and I believe Covid-19 bares a gift of sorts to help review our models of care and allow ourselves to reshape healthcare to include online healthcare using TeleHealth, Video, Voice, Messaging, Data/ Analytics, Content, Wearable’s etc…which in turn allows clients to remain engaged with therapy and adhere to programs longer whilst leading to greater work/life satisfaction as we blend our professional working lives more harmoniously with our family and friendships.

We also went into our respective experiences in seeing TeleHealth transform practitioners lives and what the benefits are once we overcome fear of change and take small steps forward as well as covering off the growing importance of client centered care and the upcoming UMBO Summit on How Clients Access Therapy is a post COVID-19 environment

If you’re a Speech, Occupational or Allied Health provider developing your TeleHealth therapy you’ll get a great deal of inspiration, insight and resources to continue to develop your practice in a reformed healthcare delivery model involving TeleHealth.

The Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream

The Breaking Through TeleHealth for Physical Healthcare Live Stream is now available on coreplus’s YouTube, or FaceBook Video.

The next Live Stream will be a discussion with Natalie Jack, an innovative and experienced Music Therapist, clinical supervisor & business owner and we’ll be talking Music Therapy for TeleHealth & Beyond scheduled for Tuesday 28th May, 10:30am AEST.

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