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COVID-19 – The New Normal and the Allied Health Professionals

By Pat Wheaton | Jun 17, 2020

Hello. I am Pat Wheaton, the Co-Founder, and CEO of CureVentus. I am also the Managing Director of the Core Connect Group which happens to be a boutique strategy and advisory business specializing in the Australian Healthcare Sectors.

At CureVentus, we ensure that the patient outcomes are our ultimate priority while providing a framework for healthcare professionals across the country.

I would like to thank CorePlus for giving me the floor to share my take on this trying time of “the new normal” – COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Normal

COVID-19 has impacted the Australian healthcare system just as shockingly as it has done so for countries across the globe. However, our healthcare system was not struck down as bad, fortunately, as to leave us with overflowing ICUs and people dying in the corridor. Over the last few months, we have been more focused to adapt, prepare, have an efficient supply chain, and manage people better to get through this crisis. We made it a point to cope in spite of disturbingly quiet hospitals, GPS, specialists, and diagnostic providers.

  • We made sure to keep our staff busy even in a low patient volume through a “prep period”.
  • We came up with ways for efficient utilization of staff while they work remotely.
  • We made ourselves adaptable to a fast-paced changing policy in response to the pandemic.
  • We made sure our staff is mentally taken care of to cope with the overwhelming part of the crisis.


The pandemic added new problems to interrupt the usual business executed by organization leaders:

  • Keeping the workplace wholesome through engagement among employees while motivating them.
  • Growing the business consistently.
  • Maintaining efficiency.
  • Meeting customer needs and expectations religiously.
  • Keeping communications simple but effective.

Technically speaking…

When frequent changes have become more common, taking a lead from other industries can be a good idea. The following quoted adage explains it well.

“If the contribution of your team is limited to their technical contribution you are missing a big opportunity as a business”.

OKRs help engages and extracts broader contributions from Coders and Technical Teams by providing a transparent, interactive, and dynamic framework that articulates an organization’s strategy. This clear framework then forms the basis for aligned and autonomous contributions from teams and individuals using their subject matter expertise.

Going by the basic framework that has been developed for “the caring sector”, it is possible for the aged care and the NGOs to leverage.

COVID-19 has shed light on the significance of delivering healthcare from home. Before, even for other sectors, the concept of working remotely was frowned upon. Online tools have become beyond imagination powerful and human contact are now rare. Sustainability of business has become critical as adaptations and time investments can be critical. This phase may be difficult but this is when Allied Health Professionals must come together like never before.

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