TeleConsult Security Information

By Lachlan Cox | Jul 31, 2020

TeleConsult Security Information

Data privacy, security and systems reliability is of the utmost importance when it comes to any digital health solution.

In light of the increased need for Telehealth in 2020, coreplus integrated TeleConsult earlier this year to address this need for our users and their clients.

TeleConsult conforms strictly with Australian privacy and security directives, and with enterprise-class health service operational protocols.

Below we’ll break down some of the security details of coreplus’ TeleConsult in an easy to digest format:


Coreplus – Teleconsult

Strong Encryption Yes
Encrypted by default Yes
End-to-end Encryption Yes
Server Location (architecture) Australian Only
Cloud service provider (classification) Amazon Web Services (Certified) & Private Datacentre in Melbourne
Self-hosting option Yes (Enterprise)
Authentication and authorisation Provider: username/password (2FA available)Client: Meeting ID
Data retention No
Encryption Details TLS 1.2, AES 256, Media

Streams are secure using DTLS.

Secure X.509 certificates are

automatically generated for

each connection using ECDSA

(default, P-256 curve) or RSA

(2048-bit) signing.

Connection Topology Peer to Peer, relay servers

when unavailable.

Server Details Application AWS, VIDEO: P2P or

via Melbourne Data Centre.

Other comments Free Version Available.

Clinical Information System File Transfers and Secure Messaging conformance with Australian Digital Health Agency Secure Messaging Provider Directory & Message Payload standards.

Please take a look at our setup guides for Teleconsult here
and more detailed security information on TeleConsult here

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 1300 668 988 , via chat or via email

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