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New: Track NDIS Participant Plan Details

By Diana Younan | Oct 19, 2020

Working as an NDIS provider delivering the support and service to participants of the NDIS keeps you busy enough, then there’s the admin side, information that needs to be tracked, submitted and maintained and more often than not, across several systems. We would like to make things easier for you and are thrilled to introduce new features that help you track participant plan details in coreplus.

Plan detail registration

Record your Participant Number, Funding Type, Plan Start and End dates, and the Amount associated with your service within the client file. This information will also be represented on a client’s overview so you can see it as soon as you access a file.

Plan detail in appointments

The appointment detail page now shows the remaining fund amount and plan expiry date. You can also rest assured with a new alert that warns you when the funds for the client have been exhausted.

Categorising your invoice

We have introduced a new invoice feature that categorises the invoice as ‘NDIS funded’. This type of invoice will automatically enable for a participant who has plan details entered on their client file. The relationship between this invoice type and the plan details is that any item numbers added under a ‘NDIS funded’ invoice will deduct from the Amount allocated to the participant. We have also added two new fields to Invoice Templates ‘Participant Plan number’ and ‘Plan Expiry date’ for you to add to your NDIS invoice template.   

Expired plan tracking

Keep on top of your participant’s plans expiry dates with Reminders on your Dashboard. This automated feature allows you to select the ‘Expired NDIS Plans’ option anytime to view the details of effected participants.


A new NDIS report has also been added to the suite of existing Client reports that will give you insights into your NDIS participant case status, plan expiry, fund threshold and more with the ability to export and print.

Get started with NDIS in coreplus

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start reducing your admin time now by entering your participant plan details today! Sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with NDIS features now.

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