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Posted by Diana Younan, December 1st, 2020

Categories: coreplus, New Feature

You voted for it. Now it’s here!

We are delighted to announce a new feature addition to coreplus: Admin Notes – a feature implemented based on an original idea by a coreplus community member and subsequent votes by peers.

The ideas portal is a space for sharing your ideas with other members of the coreplus community and with our coreplus product managers. With a voting system in place, you can influence the coreplus product roadmap by posting your ideas and voting on those that matter to you most.

Admin Notes will allow you to be a truly paperless practice and bridges the gap between your practice managers, practitioners, admin staff and any remote team members. Important non-clinical information regarding your clients or any associated actionable task is recorded securely with no need for post it notes, a communications book or back and forth emailing to chase things up.

Manage client engagement information and admin activity such as phone conversations, set up a To Do, note a cancellation, all from the Dashboard and with no need to access confidential Case Notes! A great addition to our feature-set for admins to document things like cancellations, reschedules and more, showing patterns of behaviour with your clients. Information is recorded, easily accessed by other members of your team and enables you to look back at previous notes as a history log.

Admin Notes is a new menu item in the client record allowing you to view all notes assigned to a client’s file. It has also been introduced as a button on the Dashboard where you can both add notes and view/filter all existing notes, empowering you and your team to add, view and action admin notes conveniently and efficiently.


Document communication

Admin notes allows you to record information about interactions with or about your clients. Select a Type of Admin Note – a call, SMS or email, add a date and select a relevant Subject relating to the note. The free text box is where you add the content of the note itself. Saved Admin Notes can be easily referred to on a client’s file by anyone in your practice. Need to add a follow up action item? Easy! Set the status of the admin note to: To Do.


Assign To Do’s

An Admin Note turns into an actionable item once the Status of the note is set to To Do and an Assignee (user on your account) is allocated. This is additional information that can be added as needed. The free text box can be used to document the interaction and the associated action item for your or your team. A great way to document when new referrals are due, check up with your team on billing, health plans for clients, orders or any other task required. Once the task has commenced you can set the status to In Progress, showing people in your team where you are up to without having to tell them. And once it’s completed, you guessed it, the task can be set to Done.


Track Tasks

Anyone in your practice will be able to track Admin Note tasks via Admin Notes in the Dashboard. Use the filters to view notes by assignee, client, status, subject and more. Admin notes that are in the status of To Do or In Progress will remain in the Dashboard until Done, at which point they will be visible in the client’s file Admin Notes section.


Get started with Admin Notes

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start using Admin Notes today! New to coreplus? Sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with Admin Notes now.

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