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Posted by Dr Kaye Frankcom, February 16th, 2021

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An Affordable DP & FIT Supervision Group

As a practitioner we all care about clients getting better and wanting to know & improve our effectiveness to help them get there.  One of my areas of focus has been to support practitioners improve their effectiveness, job satisfaction, implementation & automation of outcome measures and reducing risk of clients deteriorating or dropping out of therapy.

Looking at this objective and drawing on my extensive experience as an approved supervisor and business coach to psychologists, I got together with RaeLynn Alvarez Wicklein (an ICCE accredited trainer and approved supervisor, mentor & coach of psychologists) and we’ve co-designed a professional development event that incorporates Deliberate Practice (“DP”) and Feedback Information Treatment (“FIT”).

We’ve assembled a series of webinars which is a group supervision program that will help you covert your DP & FIT intentions into practice.  This series provides an active space for improving your treatment effectiveness by helping you to create and follow your own Deliberate Practice plan and successfully implement FIT in your practice setting.

To honor feedback & recognize the ongoing impact of the pandemic in Australia & the world, we’ve refigured our Deliberate Practice & FIT Supervision Program to the Affordable DP & FIT Supervision Group.  It’s designed as an engaging, informative, & flexible ‘pay as you go’, 6 session offering.

If you’re previously been involved this will seamlessly follow on from our 2020 FIT Peer Supervision Group and 2019 Next Steps in FIT series.

Each session builds with connectedness within the group & over topics, and can be done as solo learnings. Plus, when presenting your work, this active PD = Peer Supervision in your annual CPD, i.e. perfect for solo healthcare practitioners and those in group practice.

In the words of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, “The beginning is always today.” and so the curiosity about and inclusion of Feedback Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice as ways of improving therapeutic effectiveness whilst identifying and reducing risk of client deterioration and dropout can be learned and adopted by joining our Affordable DP & FIT Supervision Group.

What will You get out of these Sessions?

  • Implementing FIT as a sole practitioner and in a group of practitioners
  • Graphs and Big Data: What do I do with all this?
  • Getting the Most of DP: What skills do I practice?
  • Hacking FIT: Tips & Tricks to sustaining FIT & DP

What will each Session contain?

  • Current research and skills in FIT & DP
  • Topic du Jour in using both example and participant’s own:
    • Individual graphs in your Map of Clinical decision making
    • your own aggregate data in your Plan of Deliberate Practice
  • DP Skill matching to work on within a deliberate practice.

So lean in to those good intentions of doing deliberate practice & FIT in 2021 & get more support with FIT & making your DP plan (with accountability!)  I look forward to meeting you soon.

Sign up now for the 1st group – 12pm Mar 4 at: http://bit.ly/DPnFIT2021


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