NEW: Buy now pay later with Open Pay

By Diana Younan | Mar 15, 2021

Have you ever lost a client because they simply couldn’t afford your service or cover the out-of-pocket cost? It’s an experience most practices have encountered. Many Australians are feeling financial pressure during these times with families now more than ever are at a point where every dollar counts. But, this doesn’t mean they have to forego their healthcare.

We are so happy to be announcing a partnership with Openpay, a ‘buy now pay later’ digital payment solution which allows clients to split their healthcare costs over 2 to 4 months with no interest. By offering clients greater choice and payment flexibility, clients can look after their health and health practices are able to provide the best level of care.

Instant and Flexible

Provide a great payment option experience where your clients can access digital sign up, instant approval and the ability to start transacting in 90 seconds, both before or after their treatment. Clients can also choose the payment length and repayment date so that they are in complete control of their household budget.

Openpay never charges any interest but does potentially implement a late payment fee which is communicated to your client when they review the T & C’s on sign up.

Great for your practice

Providing choice in payment via Openpay to your clients is an innovative way to be able to offer care for clients who may have otherwise not gone ahead with an appointment. It also makes any packages/programs you have on offer more palatable with a structured payment plan the client can set up themselves.
And, as a practitioner you are guaranteed upfront payment the next business day, with the scheduled instalments being between your client and Openpay.

Integrated into your existing workflows

Set up an Openpay payment straight from your client’s invoice, with the capability of your client confirming the payment plan on the spot. Your invoice is reconciled automatically.


Get started with Openpay

Customers of coreplus receive an exclusive rate with Openpay.

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start offering Openpay as a payment option in your practice today! Just head over to your Add Ons to enable and get going. If you’re not yet a coreplus customer or thinking about trying Openpay out, sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with Openpay in coreplus now.

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