New: Availability report for understanding available vs booked time

By Christien Sienes | Apr 20, 2021

Whether you’re just starting out, or growing your practice, there’s no question that every practice needs to pay attention to the data their business is generating. Data helps you understand and improve your business processes. It helps you make better decisions. Using coreplus, you are doing just that – generating data; about your clients, appointments, fees and more.

A piece of information that you should be paying attention to, is how much of your or your practitioner availability for appointments is actually being booked. That is, the percentage of booked versus scheduled time. Why? Well, this information gives you insight into several things, and it’s all available in our new addition to the calendar suite of reports, the Availability Report.

Forecast your practice’s needs

What does the percentage of booked versus scheduled appointment time actually tell you? Firstly, it can show you when your most popular days and appointment times are, week on week. This can help you make informed practice management decisions on any future hires to accommodate for popular appointment times. How great is it, when you can tell your clients that yes! We do have that time available for you! Offer your service to more client’s at a time that suits them and work towards fulfilling any financial or growth visions you have for your practice.

Understanding performance

When comparing the percentages of booked hours for the same date range of your practitioners, you can start to understand who is performing and performing consistently. A higher percentage can indicate better client retention for your existing, established practitioners. A lower percentage for an established practitioner could indicate that the days and times they are available for appointments just don’t meet the needs of their clients. It can also be that the types of service or modality that practitioner is offering is not in demand.

It is easy to get lost in data if you don’t have the right tools to help you understand it. The data that is generated by the Availability Report enables you to dig deeper and understand what is going on in your practice to guide it into the future.

Get started with the Availability Report

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start generating your Availability report now! Just head over to Reports to explore how your practice is performing. If you’re not yet a coreplus customer or interested in the report, sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with the Availability Report in coreplus today.

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