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Continuous Professional Development in Digital Health

By Enzemam Moeen | Sep 03, 2021

USYD Foundations in Telehealth Micro-Credential training certificate

Introduced back in 2019, a suite of new health micro-credentials, some unique to the University of Sydney, were introduced to help time-constrained healthcare professionals upskill and stay competitive in the industry. As a result, contributing to their Continuous Professional Development. In present day, with the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, most healthcare practices in Australia transforming their systems towards a more technological approach to provide their services to their clients. Hence, a gap has been created in knowledge and skills for most professionals. Implementing new technology demands constant adaptation, giving birth to a unique modern, tech-based, advanced practice of healthcare, also known as Digital Health. Digital Health includes a range of technologies that can be used to treat clients of the Allied Healthcare Professionals in Australia.  In addition, digital health technologies help to collect and share a person’s health information, including mobile health and applications, electronic health records, telehealth and telemedicine, wearable devices, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Micro-credential Training Course: Digital Health Essentials

The University of Sydney in partnership with the independent non-profit institute, Global Access Partners (gap) along with digital health industry leaders such as coreplus, HealthTechX and Inaltor, has developed an unique training course. The training course supports health professionals in their engagement with Digital Health; “Digital Health Essentials” which is a part of the Foundations in Telehealth Micro-Credential training certificate.

This micro-credential training course will enable participants to position themselves for the future by participating in a purpose-built collaborative and team-based learning experience that will provide insight into how telehealth and virtual care can reshape models of healthcare.

At the end of the course all participants will receive:

  • A Digital Health Essentials micro-credential badge
  • Credits toward University of Sydney postgraduate studies (subject to satisfactory assessment and approvals).

A course designed to be flexible and short

Digital Health Essentials is a remote learning course has been designed by Dr. Audrey P Wang, a Senior Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Sydney, to demonstrate how new and emerging technologies, such as Telehealth can enhance clinical decision making and change clinical outcomes.

By involving a large cohort of digital health industry leaders as collaborators and presenters, all participants will receive detailed evidence-based insights into how technologies such as video, wearable devices, smartphone apps, virtual reality programs, artificial intelligence and data analytics are shaping the future of care models.

At the end of the 6-week collaborative remote learning process all participants will gain insights into the design, implementation, utilisation and optimisation of a telehealth platform from a clinical, technology and ethics perspective.

Details of Participation

Participants must be health professionals working in clinical practice or people working in health management or IT professionals interested in understanding the challenges facing clinicians in digital health solutions.

For the 6-week course period the participants will be provided with access to the University of Sydney’s Canvas learning management system to access the self-paced learning materials. In addition, participants will engage with University of Sydney staff and their fellow students via Zoom for live on-line classes and collaborative workgroup sessions.

The study commitment is an average of 8.5 hours per week over six weeks (approximately 50 hours in total) plus a pre-course orientation week.

Assessment will be through a combination of regular online quizzes, reflective posts, and a final multi-media and written assessment task.

The latest session starts September 20, 2021, with a commitment of 50 hours in total over 6 weeks and a cost of $1,760 (inc GST) only.

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