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Introducing Blua – your newest client referrer

By Diana Younan | Nov 15, 2021

We are absolutely delighted to be officially announcing a brand new way for you to get new client referrals with our latest partnership with Blua, by Bupa.

coreplus is a digital health innovation leader focussed on connecting, helping and growing healthcare providers and building eReferral programs that provide better matched clients at a lower cost than traditional digital marketing involves.

There are so many avenues and options to tackle when it comes to marketing for new clients and can be particularly challenging if you are a small business or just starting your private practice. Marketing for new client referrals costs time, effort and money and when growing your practice, there’s no getting away from investing in marketing costs for new clients.

We’re keeping this new referral option affordable and simple.


What is Blua?

Blua is a collaborative project between coreplus and Bupa – the leading health insurance provider in Australia. It is an online booking platform that provides Bupa customers access to find and book an appointment for a health service they need with health providers using coreplus.


How does it work?

Blua integrates into coreplus and allows you to present your practice’s appointment availability, made visible to a large base of private health insurance members that reaches a wide demographic of client possibilities.

  • Select the types of appointments you make available which can be both face to face or telehealth
  • Client books an appointment via Blua, which instantly appears in your coreplus calendar
  • Pay a once-off fee for each new client referral via your monthly coreplus invoice
  • You bill the client your usual fees


Where do I sign up!?

Blua is currently available to subscribed coreplus customers on all plan types. Head over to your Add Ons to enable and complete the requirements to get started. If you’re not yet a coreplus customer sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started today.


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