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NEW: SimpleSet exercise software now integrates with coreplus!

By Diana Younan | Jan 21, 2022

As a physical therapist, it can be challenging to empower your clients to reach and surpass their physical health goals. Motivation to commit to therapy, treatment and your recommended exercises doesn’t have to be tedious.

It’s time to say goodbye to your hand drawn stick men exercises (or expectations that the client will remember what you told them!).

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with SimpleSet – the most effective way to teach therapeutic exercise and improve client outcomes.

What is SimpleSet?

SimpleSet is a complete suite of exercise prescription and client engagement tools specifically for physiotherapists and exercise professionals. SimpleSet helps you to be a more impactful exercise educator, and helps your clients to be more successful in their rehabilitation.

How does it work?

  • Build your own personalised and professional programs using SimpleSet’s unique drag and drop interface (it’s intuitive and super efficient!)
  • As you assign an exercise to your client in SimpleSet, a PDF copy of the exercises automatically syncs over to the client’s record in coreplus (magic!)
  • With just one click you can access a client’s SimpleSet record straight from their coreplus record

How is SimpleSet different to other exercise prescription software?

The unique integration with coreplus allows for an easy two way transaction which means less admin work on your side. The beautiful set up and customisation capabilities with SimpleSet ensures that the programs you set up feel like your own.

Where do I sign up!?

SimpleSet is now available to subscribed coreplus customers on all plan types. Head over to your Add Ons to enable and complete the requirements to get started. If you’re not yet a coreplus customer sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started today. SimpleSet offers a free 14 day trial – go on, you’ll love it!


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