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An online booking platform that provides Bupa customers access to find and book an appointment for a health service.

Your newest referral partner, Blua is fully integrated into your coreplus calendar and enables you to publish your availability and appointment types for new clients.



Benefits of Blua
Broaden your referral sphere with this affordable e-referral program for your practice - no marketing, or upfront costs involved
Your new client prospects are coming in warmer since they know and trust the referrer - their private health insurer
Easy set up - Blua is seamlessly integrated with coreplus
Pay a one-off fee for each new client you receive in your practice from Blua, billed in your monthly coreplus invoice
Bill the client your standard practice fees for all of their appointments
The coreplus integration with Blua allows you to:
Set up Blua in your account and start receiving new client bookings within 48 hours!
Publish the availability and appointment types you want to Blua for any of your practitioners
Any Blua appointment in your calendar will show a little blue flag on the appointment tile, indicating that the appointment is from Blua
Appointment reminders are managed by the Blua team which means any admin requirements to changes to an appointment are managed In Blua and reflected in your coreplus calendar
Charge your usual service fees just like with any other client
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