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Making healthcare more accessible and seamlessly connected; allowing convenience and loyalty to coexist.

Grow your client base, boost your reputation and deliver better patient care with appointment referrals direct in to your coreplus calendar.

HealthEngine integration benefits:
Allow clients to view and book appointments from your website or the HealthEngine website & mobile app.
Free up the phone lines and reduce the number of people who end up on hold or receive an engaged tone.
Allow your clients to choose an appointment, make a booking and handle their own cancellation, 24/7.
Within coreplus you’ll be able to:
Publish your chosen schedules to be available for appointment bookings online. You’re in total control.
Choose which practitioners availability to publish.
Manage each practitioner’s profile, including speciality.
See all appointments booked via HealthEngine in your coreplus calendar in real time. No effort required.
Configure coreplus to be HealthEngine-ready
Ensure your practitioner’s timezones are set accurately. You can update this in your Calendar Settings, under the ‘Other’ tab;
Enable the add-on in your coreplus account from the ‘Add-ons’ menu;
Clicking ‘Update’ will generate an Access Token for your account. You will need to provide this to the HealthEngine team to link your accounts together;
Publish schedules to HealthEngine;
Ensure all your ‘Sites’ have accurate postcodes and you’re all done! coreplus is now HealthEngine-ready.
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