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Service Registration Agent Digital Health
The Service Registration Agent (SRA) helps you keep healthcare practice details accurate, reduce paperwork and improve patient outcomes and experiences.
What is the Service Registration Agent (SRA)?

The Service Registration Agent is government backed (Australian Digital Health Agency) initiative in collaboration with the North Coast Primary Health Network (NC PHN) and the Northern NSW Local Health District. As a health practice that is in start-up phase, migrating from another system or ready to transition from pen and paper to digital, there is a range of several services that you need to register with, for example, Medicare and DVA, Secure Messaging etc. As your practice grows, and more practitioners are added or you move to a larger location, you need to update these services to reflect the new information. A typical practice may need to complete up to 20 different forms to update the variety of external services, using the same information. This is where The Service Registration Agent (SRA) and our integration with it can help.

Benefits of SRA
This is a digital health network directory, when you're published other health providers can find you with ease and comfort of knowing you're a validated healthcare service
Use the directory information to send you referrals and other healthcare information supporting clinical handover, continuity of care and other healthcare information needs
It is a tool that collects core data that is needed for almost every transaction with an external service, such as your organisation’s name, ABN, healthcare identifiers, healthcare services, and the practitioners that work in the organisation
The data added is then validated against authoritative databases to ensure the data is accurate, before it is published to nominated external organisations
As a healthcare organisation, this saves you time and resources and the burden of processing the same details across the range of forms
The quality of data you have access to as a practitioner via the SRA when required to address and sending electronic communications can contribute to better patient outcomes and experiences
The coreplus integration with SRA allows you to:
Map the details in your coreplus account with information registered in the SRA via our setup wizard. You can do this for things like your phone numbers, schedules, addresses, practitioners etc.
Publish your health care organisation to other providers who may need to refer clients to you
Publish your practitioners and their areas of specialisation
Publish updates about your services e.g. address changes, new practitioners, locations you provide services from and to, whether you offer telehealth
Validate all practitioner AHPRA details and validate all address details with Australia Post directory
The mapping is required once, then you maintain it in coreplus and the data will automatically update in the SRA.
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