Flexibility to practice your way


SimpleSet is the most effective way to teach therapeutic exercise and improve patient outcomes.

Build gorgeous, personalised exercise programs quickly and efficiently. Empower your patients to reach and surpass their goals!

Save Time
SimpleSet is a complete suite of exercise prescription and patient engagement tools for physiotherapists and exercise professionals. SimpleSet helps you to be a more impactful exercise educator, and helps your patients to be more successful in their rehabilitation.
SimpleSet's unique drag-and-drop interface is immediately intuitive and incredibly efficient. You'll be amazed how easy it is to build professional exercise programs in less time.
Charting is fast and effortless when you integrate SimpleSet and coreplus. As you assign exercises to your patient, SimpleSet syncs a pdf copy of the exercises to your patient's profile in coreplus -- automatically! Give your patient an awesome plan of care, without increasing charting time.
Distinguish Yourself
Studies show patients are more likely to adhere to exercise programs that are personalised. SimpleSet exercise programs are endlessly customisable.
Everything you see in SimpleSet is editable — so you can be as creative as you like. Tailor exercises to the distinctive needs of your patients with ease
Sketch on top of images with our built-in paintbrush tool — it's a great way to highlight the finer points of exercise technique.
Upload iPad videos of your patient exercising in-clinic, so your patient can watch themselves later at home. They'll be amazed — and they'll have great retention. (Yes, it's 100% secure and compliant!)
Follow your Patients' Progress
SimpleSet helps you understand how your patient is doing, before they walk in the door for their appointment.
SimpleSet automatically collects key metrics for patient progress and summarises them in an easy-to-understand format. You'll be better equipped to help your patients, at whatever stage they are at
SimpleSet uses validated, reliable outcome measures for Patient Tracking – so you know the data that you collect is meaningful. Have your patients complete outcomes on an automated interval to gain deeper insights into their progress.
SimpleSet supports you so you can do what you do best — encourage, empower, educate.

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