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TeleConsult Digital Health
Allows you to enable Telehealth in your practice with seamless workflows

Teleconsult is a free add on that is easy to set up and incorporate into your practice. Client’s can join their session securely all from a link in their SMS or email appointment reminder.

Benefits of TeleConsult:
Telehealth appointment availability in your Client Portal for Online Bookings
An easy ‘click and connect’ via their appointment reminder – no login required or technical hurdles here!
A practical virtual waiting room where your client waits for you to initiate their Telehealth session – ensuring you are always camera ready
Video, voice and chat functionality allowing you to share files, resources and links without leaving your session
Convenient ‘extend’ functionality when you’re wanting to give a little more time to your client
The coreplus integration with TeleConsult allows you to:
Teleconsult is integrated into your clinical workflows in coreplus; initiate your client’s session straight from your coreplus calendar & enable it in your Online Bookings
Web and mobile capable, so you can choose which device you deliver your session in anywhere, anytime
Private and Secure – complies with Australian Data Privacy requirements and digital health standards
Unique appointment ID’s for each Telehealth session so no unintended people join, just you and your client
Does not require a lot internet bandwidth to provide good quality video streaming and voice quality – ideal in supporting both remote clients and those with no so great internet connectivity
Support if tech gets in the way – we are here to help if you get stuck!
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