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Simple, yet clinically powerful online bookings

Our simple, easy, convenient & free “BOOK NOW” button can be added to your website and social media pages with your own branded booking portal.

This will reduce your phone call, clinical intake and admin time as your clients will be able to:

  • Book Online from any device, anytime
  • Read your FAQ’s or Privacy/ Consent information
  • Complete intake forms or questionnaires
  • Upload any healthcare plans & referrals
  • Select their preferred practitioner, site, service or telehealth
  • Make online payments in advance
  • Receive appointment confirmations, reminders & other automated communication

Your client file is automatically upated and the appointment has all the relevant details & documents ready to go when you are.

Life just got easier for your client and for your team…pretty cool right!?

Easy intake forms & questionnaires

Offer your client a branded, safe, secure & Australian privacy compliant online intake process that helps your business capture:

  • Client information & clinical registration details
  • Referral documents
  • Other healthcare plans & information
  • FAQ’s & Consents
  • Feedback

Get your client set up before they attend the appointment and automatically add the files and information into your client record and appointment details.

You’ll be more productive, save time, store quality & consistent data and above all provide your client with a positive experience at their convenience.

Admin time saved and client experience super positive…awesome! 🙂


Online Health Billing & Claiming

You’ll be able to process healthcare claims and other payments as soon as you’ve delivered your healthcare service.

This will get you paid faster, reduce debtor management and extra time reconciling whether appointments have been billed.

  • Medicare/ DVA (Free in product feature)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Credit Card & EFT
  • NDIS (Coming Soon)

Keep your business running smoothly with cashflow to cover all your expenses on time, every time and enjoy that feeling.

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Connect clients to your service with Telehealth

Provide convenient access to your healthcare services online and reach more clients at lower cost.

Telehealth by coreplus is integrated into the booking and scheduling features allowing you to set times, locations, services and people you can make available via Telehealth.

This will provide you with:

  • Voice, Video or Chat options
  • One click access to secure & private virtual room
  • Secure upload of care plans or referral information
  • Lower cost healthcare service delivery
  • Saving costs on using 3rd party video, voice, chat tools
  • Allow for easy follow up
  • Reduce no-shows or cancellations when clients can’t physically attend
  • Reach more clients in other suburbs, states or time zones
  • Keep your team safe by minimizing physical contact when required

Your clients will love the convenience with a service that fits into the lives and schedules easily and your team will love being able to work from home from time to time.  It’s a win-win!

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Message clients throughout their healthcare journey

Reduce time, cost and effort used with phone calls or writing emails by communicating.  Our unique messaging feature allows you to handle SMS or longer message formats using scheduling of templated messages to your clients.

Your client will get the message regardless as to whether they have internet access or not, along with:

  • Convenient & immediate delivery
  • Higher open rates & reading engagement
  • Appointment confirmations & location details
  • Recalls, Reminders & Updates
  • Personalized marketing communication
  • Integrated invoice payment links
  • Integrated TeleHealth links

Build your relationship and support adherence to your clients healthcare goals.


Engage & build your referral network with secure digital health messaging

Activate your digital health profile and become discoverable to over 75,000 connected healthcare practitioners around Australia.  This will help the healthcare system find you online and refer clients to your healthcare service.

You’ll be able to register your:

  • Healthcare service
  • Location/s
  • Practitioners
  • Specialties
  • Locations you provide services from
  • Locations you provide services to
  • and whether you provide TeleHealth

Once connected you’ll receive eReferrals in an APP Compliant, meanginful use & clinically safe format and be able look up other healthcare providers from our national directory and send reports & other healthcare information as required.

This is a free service that will lower your new client acquisition costs (CAC) to $0…you’re welcome! 🙂

Invite a Virtual Receptionist or Book Keeper with free admin user access

Build your team cost effectively by engaging remote assistants who can take over key administrative tasks such as:

  • Online customer service or attending to calls
  • Managing calendars, appointments & schedules
  • Book keeping, debtor management & preparing reports
  • Any other healthcare business admin needs

All admin users within your account are free helping you scale your healthcare business in a cost effective way, freeing up more of your time to work on the business, not in the business.

What our customers love about coreplus

Whether you're in mental, physical or nutritional healthcare, we're here to help you practice happy!




coreplus provides all the clinical tools needed by Australian allied healthcare providers. 

You'll have a full client healthcare record supporting personal/ family demographics, medical details, consents and payment details.

Your sessions will be supported with treatment notes, body charting, questionaiires, surveys, letter writer, referrer, case management and NDIS plan management.

All insurer, employer, injuries/ illnesses, medications, customer data and much more are captured in medico-legal compliant standard.




coreplus is a leader in healthcare security focusing on the needs of Australian healthcare providers. 

We partner with enterprise grade data centre and world leading Class 1IDC infrastructure as approved by the Department of Health & Ageing.  

All data & back ups being stored within Australia and are data is encrypted end to end. And all accounts are provided with security features covering access, user privileges and 2 Factor Authentication.




coreplus is a leader in healthcare privacy with all clinical data stored in Australia and innovative directories and provider to provider communications systems.

Our data handling and sharing systems meet healthcare communication, information & interoperability standards such as HL7 2.3.1/ 2.4, Clinical Documentation Architecture CDA (eReferrals) and Directory Look Up standards contained within FHiR as well as Australian Privacy Act requirements.




With coreoplus's advanced reporting framework, you'll be able to work on the business by managing the measures that matter.

Health business metrics are supported covering clinical, practitioner, financial, retention, client acquisition, engagement are all covered along with businss

You'll also be able to integrate with advanced BI tools, export practice data and customise reports as needed.




coreplus has an advanced and evolving API integration framework with a growing network of integration partners offering software & healthtech add-ons.

Our API supports systems integrations, BI, Analytics, AI and a host of 3rd party clinical, marketing, communications and team management tools to support any needs for a modern and growing healthcare business.




You may have an adviser, coach, mentor or business support for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), or maybe you're thinking of engaging one. 

Great!, with coreplus's Single Sign On (SSO) feature, you'll be able to engage an industry adviser and enable them to be able to log into your practice and help you grow.

It's time to get your life back, don't you think?

Whether you're trying to grow, or simply want some time back, coreplus will help you streamline your health business.

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