We are coreplus

We empower the allied health community provide digital first healthcare services
using connected care networks & digital tools to their clients.

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2009, coreplus quickly became a standout in the allied health space with a drive to connect and align with the evolving Australian digital health landscape and the needs of the service providers within the sphere. At present, thousands of allied health practitioners across Australia use coreplus everyday to transfer their tedious paper-based workflows to the digital health sphere and dedicate themselves to growing their business and focusing their time towards what really matters, providing quality healthcare to their clients.

Who We Serve

coreplus caters to all allied health professionals who are seeking digital tools that enable them to manage their practice efficiently and effectively, provide quality care and much more for their clients.

“It doesn’t matter what type of allied health provider you are, coreplus can scale and grow to suit your needs now and into the future, it’s never been easier.”

Our Mission

To connect, help & grow Allied Healthcare professionals with digital first healthcare service experiences for their clients.

Our Vision

A world of digital first healthcare service experiences for all people.

What We Believe

At coreplus, our core purpose is to connect, help and grow Australia's allied health providers using our core online client & practice management system. The plus represents innovation supporting health billing & claiming, online add-ons, client referrals & digital health readiness. This is all so you, can have a "Practice Happy” experience.

By implementing and using coreplus and its partner network, you are freeing up time and money lost on admin, bespoke systems and managing inefficiency and ineffectiveness, creating the right dynamics so that, now and into the future, you “Practice Happy”.