The Leading Allied Health Practice Management Software for Adelaide Clinics

Is it high-time that you upgrade the practice management system at your Adelaide allied health practice? coreplus is the leading practice management software for Adelaide clinics just like yours, helping to minimise time spent on paperwork and admin, reduce the instance of no-shows, speed up payment processing and more.


coreplus has been specifically designed for the Australian allied health context, with everyone from psychologists to osteopaths readily embracing the software. Purpose-built and industry-tailored, coreplus is fully compliant with the latest NDIS regulations as well as Australia’s Privacy Act. This means that you can use coreplus with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are abiding by all relevant regulations and fully catering to patients from all walks of life.


So why have Adelaide clinics of all descriptions started using coreplus? Our cloud-based software allows you to:

  • Begin with free admin access, upgrading when you need and choose to
  • Set up Facebook and website bookings for your patients’ convenience
  • Manage your calendar better with appointment limits, waitlists and recurring appointments
  • Coordinate practitioner schedules at multi-practitioner clinics
  • Generate financial reports
  • Create invoices and receive payments promptly
  • Analyse appointments according to billable, cancelled and no-show figures
  • Create case note templates
  • Safely store or share patient data and other confidential documents among your team
  • Promptly process Medicare rebates for your patients’ peace of mind
  • Create downloadable reports to set goals and measure metrics
  • Set access controls to maintain confidentiality and security


This high-level of functionality and efficiency doesn’t have to come with a complicated setup process. It’s incredibly easy to get started with coreplus, with no complicated IT infrastructure or support being needed. Our system runs entirely on the cloud, which means all you need to do is sign up and download it to get started.


Who might benefit from our practice management software in Adelaide

coreplus is a popular solution for a variety of allied health professionals in Adelaide across mental, physical and nutritional health. As it is purpose-built for allied health but also highly customisable, coreplus strikes the balance between targeted and tailored.


The day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to run an allied health practice tend to be some of the biggest energy, resource and time drains. This can take your attention away from what truly matters, which is providing excellent patient care. At the same time, these administrative tasks are crucial to keeping the business side of your clinic running. coreplus offers a solution in the form of our cloud-based, automated platform. From sending invoices to confirming appointments, coreplus keeps the operational aspects of your business running, while protecting you and your team’s time.


Additionally, coreplus also helps organisations achieve their digital readiness targets, with its seamless connectivity and effortless synchronisation keeping up with modern business standards.


Upgrade to coreplus today

If it’s time for your clinic to improve its efficiency and the quality of its service, consider coreplus. View our pricing to decide on the best plan for you, or commence a free trial today.