Harness the Power of our Practice Management Software at your Canberra Clinic

Is it high time you upgrade the practice management system at your Canberra healthcare clinic? Are you having to spend more of your day on administrative tasks than providing care to your patients? Or is your clinic bearing the brunt of last-minute cancellations and no-shows? Whatever the case may be, coreplus can offer a solution in the form of our industry-leading practice management software.

coreplus has been specially designed for the Australian healthcare context, helping to address common pain points among health professionals. With coreplus, clinics can streamline and digitise their practice, cutting down on wasted time, miscommunication and misdirected resources. coreplus also complies with NDIS regulations and meets the obligations set by the Privacy Act. This means your practice will be able to better cater to your patients, while meeting all necessary regulatory obligations.

So why has coreplus become the leading allied health practice management software for Canberra clinics? coreplus offers:

  • The ability to take bookings through your website or Facebook
  • Streamlined management of your calendar through the use of appointment limits, waitlists and colour coding
  • Create and store case notes
  • Easily send invoices and receive payments
  • Create and download reports to monitor metrics and set future goals
  • Determine access controls, with different staff members receiving varying degrees of access
  • An easy, cloud-based solution that requires no IT infrastructure or tech support
  • A variety of plans to choose from depending on the requirements of your clinic.

If digital readiness has previously felt like a laborious task to you, you’ll love the ease offered by coreplus. All you’ll need to do is download and install the software to get started.


Suitable applications for our practice management software

coreplus has been specifically designed for the allied health field, but also offers enough flexibility to be tailored to your particular type of clinic. This makes coreplus a popular solution for professionals in the mental, physical and nutritional health fields.

coreplus recognises that administrative tasks are one of the biggest drains of time and energy for clinics. While having to attend to your day-to-day business operations, you have less time to spend on patient care. Automating these administrative tasks is the solution, helping to create efficiencies within your business and fulfill operational goals. From sending invoices and processing Medicare rebates to managing appointments and creating business reports, coreplus is the complete software solution you have been searching for.


Try coreplus today

If it’s time for you to elevate your practice management software, improve the quality of your service, and raise the bottom line of your business, consider trying coreplus. View our pricing to determine the most suitable option for you, or enquire about a free trial today.