State-of-the-Art Practice Management Software for Your Darwin Clinic


coreplus is the ideal solution to streamlining your practice management systems and processes in Darwin.

This cloud-based platform provides your practice and its staff with the means to increase client management, improve internal operations for enhanced efficiencies, automate bookings, accurately track the practice’s overall performance and so much more.

Regardless of the size of your specific practice in Darwin, the inner workings of every clinic are extremely sophisticated; with so many components operating in unison to meet your clients’, doctors’, management and administrative staff’s needs.

coreplus takes all of these separate components, and incorporates them into a single, remarkably convenient platform that will revolutionise the way your Darwin practice operates.


coreplus makes your Darwin practice management systems a breeze

coreplus has already been embraced by thousands of Australian professionals who were looking to improve the quality of care that their practice provides its clients.

By utilising this ground-breaking practice management software for your Darwin clinic(s), your clients can easily book an appointment online, at which point they will receive an automated email/text confirmation, followed by automated reminders as their appointment grows nearer. Not only does this help to drastically reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations, but it also personalises the clients’s experience.

The coreplus platform allows you to segment clients into sub-groups based on their pre-existing conditions, so that you can send helpful information that is targeted to their specific needs (such as how diabetics can maintain a healthy diet, for example). This enhanced level of engagement can do wonders for your client retention rates, which you can track and monitor with coreplus’ insightful analytics tools.


How does coreplus satisfy your Darwin practice management software needs?

  • Safe and secure storage of clients data, which your practitioners can access and edit at a moment’s notice (with easily segregated access capabilities to ensure data protection and privacy)
  • Convenient scheduling management on a user-friendly interface for more streamlined workload distribution and internal processes between doctors, administrative staff, management teams and so on
  • TeleHealth and video consultation features, to allow remote appointments with clients that aren’t able to physically visit your Darwin clinic
  • Straightforward invoicing templates and automated processes for efficient and reliable billing
  • Minimise paperwork; produce and share treatment plans easier, convenient “consultation notes” templates, streamlined internal payroll calculators and procedures


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