Try the Leading Practice Management Software for Hobart Clinics

Is your allied health practice in need of an updated practice management system? Hobart practitioners can rely on coreplus as a purpose-built, cloud-based practice management system. coreplus helps allied health clinics address common pain points,  such as no-show appointments, slow payment processing, and masses of administrative tasks.

If you would like to improve the efficiency of your allied health practice, consider switching to coreplus. coreplus has been specifically designed for the Australian allied health context, meaning it is compliant with NDIS regulations as well as the Privacy Act. To digitise and streamline your practice operations as well as take better care of your patients, there is simply no better choice than coreplus.

coreplus has made its mark as the leading allied health practice management software for Hobart clinics for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Free admin access, which you can upgrade as your practice’s needs evolve
  • Facebook and website booking setup for patient convenience
  • Calendar management with the ability to set waitlists, appointment limits and recurring appointments
  • Coordination of practitioner schedules at multi-practitioner clinics
  • Easy generation of financial reports
  • Convenient storage of case note templates
  • Quick invoice creation and payment processing
  • Appointment data analysis to reveal billable, cancelled and no-show appointment figures
  • Safe storage and sharing of confidential documents and patient data
  • Prompt processing of Medicare rebates
  • Easy creation of downloadable reports to help keep your business on track
  • Option to set access controls to manage levels of access among your team
  • Choice of a variety of plans depending on the requirements of your clinic.

coreplus is a practitioner favourite as all of this functionality is possible without the need for any IT setup, infrastructure or support. coreplus is entirely cloud-based, which means the only thing you need to do to get started is to sign up.


Suitable applications for our practitioner management software

While coreplus has been specifically designed for allied health, it also allows for enough flexibility and customisation to suit a variety of health professionals. From optometrists to psychologists, professionals across the mental, physical and nutritional health fields are sure to find great use in the customisable software that is coreplus.

coreplus is designed to automate many of the routine tasks that drain time and resources for allied health professionals. While you want to spend as much time as possible providing patient care, you must also tend to the operational needs of your business. coreplus works to address these needs, helping you send invoices, create reports, send appointment reminders and otherwise keep your business functioning smoothly.


Experience the benefits of coreplus today

If you are looking to become digitally-ready and improve the service you provide to your clients, consider trying coreplus. View our pricing to get started or ask about our free trial to experience the features of coreplus for yourself.