Switch to the Leading Practice Management Software in Melbourne


Is it time for you to upgrade the practice management system at your Melbourne clinic or practice? Have you found that you are spending far too much time on paperwork and admin, and not enough time on patient care? Or is your clinic suffering from too many no-show appointments and slow payment processing?

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, consider switching to the leading medical allied health practice management software for Melbourne clinics, coreplus. coreplus has been specifically designed for the Australian allied health context, helping clinics streamline and digitise their practice management processes. This means that coreplus is completely compliant with the latest NDIS regulations, as well as the Privacy Act, allowing your practice to fully cater for all patients or clients.

So why exactly have countless Melbourne clinics started utilising coreplus? coreplus is a cloud-based software that allows your clinic to:

  • Take bookings through Facebook or your website
  • Manage your calendar by setting waitlists, appointment limits and colour coding your calendar
  • Create case note templates and store all your notes securely
  • Send invoices and receive payments easily
  • Create downloadable reports to monitor metrics and set goals
  • Set access controls to maintain confidentiality and security
  • Choose from a variety of plans depending on the unique requirements of your clinic.


What’s more, coreplus lets you get started without any complicated IT infrastructure or help from your tech team. The software is entirely based on the cloud, meaning all you need to do is download it and install.

Who uses our practice management software in Melbourne

Our practice management software is popular with a variety of allied health professionals in Melbourne. This includes those in the mental health, physical health and nutritional health fields. coreplus can be customised to the unique demands of your clinic, making it a flexible solution for all types of health professionals.

Administrative tasks are some of the biggest drains for clinics, forcing you to take your attention away from what truly matters: patient care. At the same time, keeping your business thriving is of the utmost importance, meaning that admin can’t be ignoring. coreplus helps you strike this balance, automating many of your essential, everyday tasks. This might include sending invoices, processing Medicare rebates, creating reports and sending appointment reminders. An added benefit to using coreplus is that it ensures you are digitally ready for the ever-changing world.


Making the move to coreplus

If you are looking for a technologically-advanced way to enhance the quality and efficiency of your practice, consider coreplus. View our pricing or start a free trial today to experience coreplus for yourself.