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Extend the impact of your therapy sessions with the help of Theratrak, our newest Add On partner

Did you know that research suggests that the minute a patient walks out the door,… Read More

By Enzemam Moeen | Aug 17, 2022


coreplus – How do we prioritise what to work on next?

How do we decide and prioritise what to work on next? That is a great… Read More

By Ida Jeal | Jul 02, 2021


NEW: Understanding appointment and client trends with the Practice Performance Report

In today’s information-rich era, data is the fuel of growth. The more practice owners know… Read More

By Christien Sienes | Jun 03, 2021


Security & Privacy Tips For Australian Digital Healthcare Practices

Cybercriminals/hackers have continued to target the healthcare industry globally due to the vast amounts of… Read More

By Enzemam Moeen | May 05, 2021


New: Availability report for understanding available vs booked time

Whether you’re just starting out, or growing your practice, there’s no question that every practice… Read More

By Christien Sienes | Apr 20, 2021


2021 Affordable Deliberate Practice & Feedback Informed Treatment Supervision Group

An Affordable DP & FIT Supervision Group As a practitioner we all care about clients… Read More

By Dr Kaye Frankcom | Feb 16, 2021


NEW: Telehealth by coreplus

Updated: February 2021 In our response to the pandemic last year, we wanted to be… Read More

By Diana Younan | Jan 28, 2021


New: Admin notes for documenting and tracking

You voted for it. Now it’s here! We are delighted to announce a new feature… Read More

By Diana Younan | Dec 01, 2020


Reimagining Healthcare: A pathway for Allied Health growth

Whilst it’s a stressful time for healthcare that traditionally has been an in person service… Read More

By Yianni Serpanos | Mar 27, 2020

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