Want more time to focus on helping your clients?

  • Invoice Clients, Employers or Insurers
  • Invoice Medicare & DVA
  • Create Invoice Templates
  • Batch Invoice and Payments

You can create an invoice and take payment straight from a clients appointment for quick & easy billing. Use our third party billing to invoice insurers and employers. Make invoicing even easier by adding all your special packages.


Submit your Medicare & DVA claims online with coreplus. When creating an invoice, select the Medicare claim you want to process, it’s that simple. Your daily bulk bill report will show you the claims you have processed and the total rebate you received for easy reconciliation.

Creating Invoice templates makes third party billing faster because you can create as many templates as you like and select data from the clients invoice to appear on the invoice automatically.

create invoice templates

Batching invoice and payments makes third party billing even easier because with a click of a button you can send a batch of invoices to an insurer and make a batch payment.