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Looking for help to grow your clinic or private practice?

Our community partners provide healthcare business solutions
and supporting services for all types of Allied Healthcare Clinics & Private Practice
  • Market Savvy

    Market Savvy is a team of healthcare and medical marketing specialists and healthcare promoters who specialise in ethical and relationship marketing that is aligned with AHPRA guidelines using systematized and sustainable methods and processes.

    We teach you how to:

    • understand your “Why” and build your personal branding
    • connect with new clients
    • generate repeat and word of mouth business
    • generate referrals

    Market Savvy’s Director is Megan Walker leads the team to provider you with formal training and learning outcomes in marketing healthcare.  The marketing advice, training, mentoring and support are packaged into affordable face to face training, online courses (Allied Health Marketing Acadmy, Digital Health Marketing Academy, Waiting Room Excellence), Podcasts and participation in the Market Savvy Community.

    Contact us today by clicking our logo.

  • Private Practice Alliance

    Private Practice Alliance provides practitioners stability in Private Practice. Building alliances for those in private practice through consulting and coaching.

    Their services include:

    • Expert Guidance
    • One-on-one Coaching
    • Recruitment of Staff
    • Strategic Business Design
    • Practice Expansion
    • Local Area Marketing
    • Clinical Supervision

    This service is designed to analyse, understand and solve your business needs by providing customised solutions.  Natasha Ace and the Private Practice Alliance will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process and guarantee success. Business development, increased revenue, clinical governance for your practice – all of it.

  • Q4 Financial

    Q4 financial are a team of accountants, business advisors and financial planners working strategically with you to protect your wealth and attain financial independence. Their core client advisory service offerings, above compliance, include:

    • Budget & Cashflow
    • Quarterly Key Performance Indicators
    • Estate Planning
    • Business Valuations
    • 90 Day Detox
    • Q4 Wealth Portal
    • Business Workshops
    • Business Grants
    • Business Setup/Restructure
    • Bookkeeping
    • 3-way Cashflow Forecasting & Business Sensitivity Analysis

    Think of them as your long-term business partner; your champion, goal-setter and greatest advocate.

  • Sky Accounting Solutions

    Our guarantee to you in 7 Simple Steps

    • We move your business into the cloud for free.
    • You’ll know what to expect and when. We schedule all our jobs and stick to it!
    • You’ll get what you need, when you expect it. We gather all the necessary information from the get-go so no unexpected hurdles or surprises get in our way, along the way.
    • You’ll get no nasty surprises when our invoice arrives because we quote upfront and our fees are fixed.
    • You’ll never need to worry about missing a deadline as our cloud accounting software means we deliver quickly and accurately.
    • Unlike some accountants who see phone calls or emails as rich pickings, we don’t charge them as extra.
    • We give you an Annual General Meeting (AGM) – for a Wealth and Business health check.  We’re great believers in the fact that you can’t beat a face-to-face meeting so we make sure we meet with you at least once a year.
  • Kong & Way

    Kong & Way allied health business consultants provide strategic guidance and advice to private practice owners in Australia. Our services are customised to meet your specific private practice needs, and focused on implementing smart and modern business processes to maximise productivity and profitability.

    Our unique focus on organisational culture and people management ensures that the growth strategies we implement can make lasting changes to the future of your private practice.

  • REND Tech Associates

    REND Tech are a team of consultants, network technicians, software developers, and IT engineers who offer multifaceted and comprehensive IT solutions for the healthcare industry.

    They provide their services to a range of Healthcare Businesses, Healthcare Corporates, and Healthcare Research Institutes. These services include:

    • ICT Consulting Strategies
    • Cyber Security Framework Strategies and Design
    • IT Managed Services
    • Hardware/Support/Software Services

    REND Tech Associates works with health businesses to provide the latest IT technologies, which allows them to improve productivity, efficiency and security.

  • Precision Health Alliance

    The Precision Health Alliance is a global network of health professionals who utilize the latest technology and education in personalized health and precision medicine to better understand their clients individual needs and provide a greater level of client care. From health coaches and personal trainers, through to allied health and medical professionals, this global collective works with a common goal of eliminating preventable lifestyle disease and assisting people to live their healthiest life everyday.

What is a coreplus community Partner?

A partner is someone who is focused on supporting Australia’s Allied Health providers grow their business.

You might be focused on delivering mentoring, coaching or consultation on any number of healthcare business requirements e.g. client experience, book keeping, virtual assistance, mentoring, coaching, supervision, leading teams, remote working, system integration, financial management etc…

How do I become a coreplus community Partner?

If you consult, advise, service or otherwise want to help healthcare business owners and their teams transform their client experiences, improve their business as usual operations and you connect with our mission to connect, help and grow Australia’s health providers, all you need to do is submit the form below.  It’s that easy and simple.

Why become a coreplus community Partner?

  • coreplus You ='s better business & healthcare outcomes for Allied Healthcare providers
  • Become part of a vibrant and leading edge Digital Health innovation community
  • Learn about our Digital Health innovations and produce new service models for your clients
  • Help your clients acquire new clients & referrals using Digital Health
  • Help your clients develop and nurture quality and regularly referring healthcare alliances
  • Help your clients transition into TeleHealth
  • Help your clients connect Certified software Add-ons



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