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Do you run a mental health practice that needs a better patient management software? coreplus is the solution you’ve been searching for. Tailored to those in the mental health field, coreplus allows counsellors, psychologists and other mental health professionals to streamline their work processes and provide a higher level of care to their patients.

Some key features of our mental health practice management software for Australian professionals include convenient online booking buttons on your website and Facebook page, calendar synchronisation and Medicare/DVA claiming. Our cloud-based mental health practice management software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, allowing you to keep tabs on your business as needed. With digital readiness being a prime concern for Australian healthcare providers, tools such as coreplus are quickly becoming non-negotiable.

coreplus is especially useful for mental health professionals, as it allows you to create and store case notes with detailed information. You can create an unlimited amount of case note templates and weighted custom questionnaires (like the Likert Scale or K10) to integrate into your case notes. Images and documents can also be saved directly into a client’s file, making coreplus the most customisable and tailored mental health software in Australia.

coreplus grows with your practice by making management a breeze

coreplus has been designed specifically for the Australian context, taking into account recent NDIS changes and aligning with the 1988 Privacy Act.

As a mental health professional, you will be dealing with sensitive information day in, day out. The privacy and permissions features of the coreplus system are ideally suited to your business, allowing you to restrict or allow other users from accessing certain information. You can also enable two-factor authentication to ensure greater security when logging into your account.

coreplus allows mental health professionals to:

  • Provide convenient booking methods to their patients and manage bookings with colour-coding, appointment limits, waiting lists, iCal syncing and more
  • Create invoices and receive payments smoothly
  • Monitor billable, cancelled and no-show appointments and report on these metrics
  • Write professional letters based on templates

On top of this, coreplus is 100% free for admin users, with further pricing depending on the size of your patient base. With coreplus, you’ll have less paperwork to deal with; faster reconciliation, payments and billing; and be able to offer greater convenience to your patients with on-the-spot or split payments. Why not make the switch today?

Switch to coreplus to make managing your mental health practice simple

coreplus is suitable for a range of healthcare professionals including acupuncturists, after hours GPs, chiropractors and more.

Is your practice ready for the new era in digital health? If not, the transformative tool that is coreplus allows you to improve the quality and sustainability of your mental health practice while taking better care of your patients. Trial the leading mental healthcare practice management software in Australia today or view our pricing.