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coreplus features used by Nutritionists

coreplus is the leading nutritionist practice management software in Australia, favoured by busy nutritionists throughout the country. By allowing for continuity of care, effortless bookings and free Medicare/DVA billing and  claiming, coreplus has fast become the nutritionist practice management software of choice. coreplus is also cloud-based, meaning you and your team can access your business from wherever you are in the world. Allowing nutritionists to spend less time on admin and more time on their clients, coreplus is fast becoming an essential tool for industry professionals.

Is it time to upgrade your clinic’s practice management software?

coreplus is the perfect solution of clinics looking to upgrade their software, having been designed specifically for Australian healthcare practices and adhering to the recent NDIS changes as well as the 1988 Privacy Act. coreplus has also been recognised as the only practice management system that allows for interoperability, and therefore helps businesses become digitally ready.

Further, this nutritionist clinic software also allows nutritionists to:

  • Enjoy free admin access, with further pricing depending on the number of users your clinic has
  • Offer convenient bookings through Facebook and your website, as well as manage calendars with colour-coding, appointment limits, waiting lists, iCal syncing and more.
  • Create invoices and receive payments
  • Manage reports to monitor billable, cancelled and no-show appointments and set metrics for success.
  • Draft and create case notes using templates, helping you stay abreast of your client’s progress
  • Enjoy customer service from the coreplus team via phone, email and live chat for free
  • Write professional letters based on templates
  • Determine access permissions in order to keep patient data secure

You may also choose to utilise add-ons that have been specifically designed for nutritionists. These includes everything from medical billing integrations to save you on merchant, transaction and terminal fees to calendar integrations that offer 24/7 online bookings to patients. coreplus is also a great option for those looking to grow their business, with its accredited referred partner network sourcing and booking patients directly into your calendar from health search engines. This not only helps you gain new business, but also allows you to break down where referrals are coming from and administer payments more easily.

Make the switch to coreplus today and supercharge your nutritionist practice

In addition to nutritionists, coreplus is suitable for a range of healthcare professionals including acupuncturists, physiotherapists, psychiatristssleep physicians, speech pathologists and more.

coreplus is the solution you’ve been looking for to better tend to your patients while improving your everyday workflow. Find out about our small business friendly pricing or start your free trial today.

Expand Your Services with Telehealth Appointments

If you want to help more people enrich their lives through your nutritionist services, coreplus’s Telehealth integration allows you to do just that. Our highly advanced system makes accepting online bookings a breeze, filling up your calendar and allowing you to help clients from all around the country by conducting your services via phone or video chat. In addition to this, you can free up even more of your time by seamlessly communicating with clients via our secure SMS messaging system, accepting remote payments and even organising Medicare rebates in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, you’ll have access to our highly advanced Secure Messaging System, which makes it easier and safer than ever to share confidential documents with other healthcare professionals. Our easy-to-use yet innovative system is the perfect way to provide your expertise to people who need it, no matter where they live in Australia.

  • Easily make appointments
  • Make group bookings
  • Colour coded appointments
  • Appointment limits
  • Waiting list
  • Room view
  • Practitioner schedules
  • SMS & email reminders
  • iCal sync
  • Available appointment search
  • Set recurring appointments

Easily create, edit, copy or reschedule an appointment for multiple practitioners. Don’t forget to mark and appointment as Attended, No Show or Cancelled for better appointment statistics.

Group bookings are ideal for classes or family sessions where more than one client is attending.

You can track different types of appointments by using colour coded appointment types. Track your time better by easily identifying the types of clients you are seeing.

Create appointment limits so you can manage the number of session booked for a referral.

Waiting lists help you carry out important health services to patients that are waiting for your next available appointment.
This means you to get to see your patients when you are both next available.

Easily make appointments in ‘Room View’ so you can better manage appointments and reduce any double bookings.

Create schedules so your booking agent knows when your available. You can even specify the length of time and the type of appointments you prefer to take.

Cancelled bookings cost your practice time and money however with SMS and email reminders, find out ahead of time so you can book in other patients.

SMS reminders and confirmations can be setup to be sent out to patients days in advance of their appointment.

coreplus - calendar sms reminder

View your appointments on the go by syncing your coreplus calendar to your Apple or Android. iCal also allows you to sync your appointments from coreplus to your Google Calendar, Hotmail, Windows Live and Microsoft Outlook.

Don’t know when you are next available, well coreplus can tell you. The Available appointment search allows you to search for your next available time and makes booking appointments fast and easy.

Some clients like to book appointments in advance, so coreplus allows you to easily create a recurring appointment.

  • Electronic case notes
  • Create case note templates
  • Draft notes

All your treatment and clinical notes can be stored easily online.
In a client file you can keep a true history of all previous case notes with the name of the practitioner that saved the case note as well as the date and time it was saved.

Create and use templates to quickly and easily complete your case note. You can create as many templates as you like.

If your case notes are incomplete or still in progress, you can save as a draft and come back to the note at a different time to complete before saving.

  • Easily create a letter
  • Create letter templates
  • Print and email letters
  • Automatic insert of client details

Creating a simple and professional letter in coreplus is easy.

Add your letter head and create as many templates as you need. You can change font, edit letter margins and even add merge fields to insert details automatically in your letter.

Easily save, print & email your letter in coreplus

Stop re-writing or coping and pasting repetitive information in your letter. Add a merge field where data can be inserted automatically in a letter when you open the template in a client file.


  • Invoice Clients, Employers or Insurers
  • Invoice Medicare & DVA
  • Create Invoice Templates
  • Batch Invoice and Payments

You can create an invoice and take payment straight from a clients appointment for quick & easy billing. Use our third party billing to invoice insurers and employers. Make invoicing even easier by adding all your special packages.


Submit your Medicare & DVA claims online with coreplus. When creating an invoice, select the Medicare claim you want to process, it’s that simple. Your daily bulk bill report will show you the claims you have processed and the total rebate you received for easy reconciliation.

Creating Invoice templates makes third party billing faster because you can create as many templates as you like and select data from the clients invoice to appear on the invoice automatically.

create invoice templates

Batching invoice and payments makes third party billing even easier because with a click of a button you can send a batch of invoices to an insurer and make a batch payment.

  • Appointment statistics
  • Calendar reports
  • Client reports
  • Referrer statistics
  • Financial reporting

Understand your weekly appointment totals and trends. Compare Billable, Cancelled and No show appointments to last years to see improvements in your practice.

Appointment statistics

Access Calendar information in seconds with everything you need to improve your appointment trends.

coreplus can show you booked appointment, appointment type and inactive client reports, as well as statistics about no shows, reschedules, cancelled and attended appointments separated by practitioner or groups.

Calendar reports

Want to know more about what areas your clients are from or what types or client presenting issues your dealing with?
Expand your knowledge on your practice with residential, referrer, site, injury/illness reports and more which you can separate by practitioner, group and site.

Do you know who your top 3 referrers are? Build a better relationship with your referrers and watch your practice grow with referral reports.

Want to know how much you have Invoiced and received? Want to break down reports by Practitioner, Site, Service Types or Group? coreplus provide you with easy to use financial and debtor reports with a click of a button.

  • Patient Engagement Integrations
  • Integrated Payment Terminal
  • Online Accounting Systems
  • Online Medical Billing Systems
  • Client Referral Networks - Updated!
  • Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Networks
  • Personal Online Calendars
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Desktop Accounting Software

Patient Engagement Integrations

Rehab Guru

Rehab Guru is a tool which helps therapists, coaches, athletes as well as health and medical professionals choose from more than 4,000 exercises to prescribe to their clients. Practitioners can use this exercise prescription software from their desktops, laptops or even their Android or iOS devices.

The specialists at Rehab Guru invest deeply in product development in order to provide the ultimate prescription software, constantly gathering feedback and fine tuning.

  • With Rehab Guru you can expect:
  • Unique design options for your plans
  • Client engagement app for feedback and compliance
  • Easily create new exercises for your database from a phone or tablet
  • High quality customer support

Streamlining a Health business does not have to represent a poor experience for patients. Rehab Guru is focused in creating the most complete product and providing simple tailored efficiencies for your business.

Learn more about the coreplus + Rehab Guru integration

Cliniq Apps

Automate client communications with Cliniq Apps

Learn more here

Physitrack Integration

Phyistrack is a cloud-based patient engagement and Telehealth solution for Allied Health. Physitrack not only helps you better engage patients, but also help them achieve better outcomes by combining:

  • video-based exercise prescription
  • real-time outcomes tracking (incl. outcome measures)
  • patient education through 3D animations
  • integrated Telehealth video calling specifically created for Allied Health practitioners

Learn more about the coreplus + Physitrack integration.

Integrated Payment Terminal

Tyro EFTPOS and Health Fund claiming

Integrates with Tyro

Simple. Fast. Innovative.

  • Easy to install broadband terminal with colour display and built in printer
  • Lightning fast EFTPOS and Health Fund transactions direct into coreplus
  • Wireless Terminal (EFTPOS Only)
  • Quick, contactless ‘tap and go’ for credit card transactions

Learn more about the coreplus + Tyro integration.


Online Accounting Systems

coreplus xero integration

Integrates with Xero

coreplus is integrated with Xero which is an easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses. coreplus and Xero are both online, so you can access them anywhere, anytime.  Just login via an internet browser with your PC, Mac or mobile.

Your invoices and bank statements are automatically loaded into Xero, letting you match and manage your cashflow quickly and easily. With coreplus to manage your practice day to day and Xero to manage finances – all your business needs are covered!

Learn more about the coreplus and Xero add-on.

Online Medical Billing Systems

coreplus Medicare integration

Medicare Integration

coreplus allows your practice to lodge Medicare and DVA claims fast and easy online. Costly EFTPOS terminals are not needed.
Practices are able to claim Bulk Bill (BBC), Patient Claims (PCI), Gap Claims and DVA claims from anywhere, anytime. Medicare Online Claims are made as you are invoicing and responses from Medicare are received instantaneously.

Learn more about our 100% Free Medicare Online Claiming.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs Integration (DVA)

Not only will coreplus allow you to easily claim benefits in under 60 seconds, but as a Bulk Bill & DVA claim is processed by Medicare, you will automatically be emailed a list of all claims that have been approved and rejected. If a claim has been approved, coreplus will automatically reconcile this invoice for you.

Learn more about our 100% Free DVA Online Claiming.

Client Referral Networks - Updated!

HealthEngine - New!

Making healthcare more accessible and seamlessly connected; allowing convenience and loyalty to coexist. By harnessing the power of modern technology we’re creating a better healthcare experience for all.

  • Attract new patients
  • Boost your online reputation
  • Deliver better patient care

Learn more about HealthEngine integration.

Request HealthEngine Add On (Beta Release)
Referral Partner Logo Anywhere Healthcare Medibank Health Solutions

Anywhere Healthcare

Anywhere Healthcare provides people in rural and remote areas with an alternative way of seeing a specialist.  It’s a flexible option for people who often find it difficult to travel long distances for appointments.

Learn more about anywhere healthcare.

Referral Partner Logo Virtual Briefcase

The Virtual Briefcase

The Virtual Briefcase is Australia’s first purpose-built software system for psychologists, designed to provide clients, market and manage your entire private practice.

An all-in-one business and marketing package that match your skills and books a new clients into your coreplus calendar.

Learn more aboutThe Virtual Briefcase and their pricing.

Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Networks

Intergrates with Argus

Secure Messaging supports the secure point-to-point delivery of healthcare messages to a single known receiving organisation. Message content is securely encrypted then delivered using standards set by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), Standards Australia and secure messaging vendors.

Argus has been successfully tested for conformance to NEHTA’s secure messaging specifications added on to coreplus and made available to you.

Learn more about the coreplus SMD hub.

Intergrates with Health Link

Secure Messaging supports the secure point-to-point delivery of healthcare messages to a single known receiving organisation. Message content is securely encrypted then delivered using standards set by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), Standards Australia and secure messaging vendors.

Healthlink has been successfully tested for conformance to NEHTA’s secure messaging specifications added on to coreplus and made available to you.

Learn more about the coreplus SMD hub.

Personal Online Calendars

Gmail Icon

Gmail Calendar Integration

A free web based email & calendar service from Google.

coreplus hotmail calendar integration

Hotmail Calendar Integration

A free web based email & calendar service from Microsoft.

coreplus ical integration

iCal Calendar Integration

Connect any iCal-ready calendar service to coreplus.

coreplus outlook calendar integration

Outlook Calendar Integration

A free web based email service from Microsoft.

Voice Recognition Software

Dragon Medical Practice 2 edition

Dragon is a voice recognition software that allows you to speak directly into a microphone while reading some text and dictate notes into coreplus.  Dragon Medical is highly accurate, understands medical terminology extremely well, and spells words correctly 100% of the time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Desktop Accounting Software

coreplus MYOB integration

MYOB Integration

General ledger, real time bank feed reconciliation, BAS & Payroll made easy.

  • Customise your coreplus account
  • Multi-Disciplinary Practice
  • Upload Files
  • Add Questionnaire Templates
  • Reminders
  • Track your Assets
  • User Access Levels and Permissions

Upload your logo and update your practice name so your coreplus account reflects your brand.

If you have multiple referrals for one client, coreplus can help you manage each separate referral and there appointment limits.

Create folders and upload documents and images to a client, personal or shared file.

Create as many questionnaire templates as you like to track and measure client information quickly and easily.

Reminders are free and allow you and your staff to make notes and set alerts about things to remember.

Easily manage asset and equipment loan information and stock levels.

coreplus allows users to have different permissions and access levels for specific jobs in a standard clinic:
Administration is suited for receptionists or admin users
Case Manager is suited for practitioners who are offering a service to clients.
Supervisor is suited for Managers or people who require access to the whole of coreplus.


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