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Why patient & practice management features are the minimum standard

By Yianni Serpanos | Jan 31, 2013

I’ve spoken to many suppliers to the health industry over the years who have suggested that health professionals don’t want to be seen to be focusing on “making money” or “increasing sales” or otherwise be seen to be profit oriented.

That certainly might be true in terms of why someone would chose becoming a health professional as career path as there are many more meaningful reasons beyond money.

My concern about such sentiment though is that it implies that health professionals either a) are only worried about health services and not the monetary impact of running a health practice, or b) don’t have a need to worry about budgets and money.

This is simply not true in my experience.

Whatever we do in our modern society there is going to be an economic facet to the activity e.g. goods or services transacted and ultimately needing to be reported to the various regulatory authorities (ATO, Superannuation Funds, ASIC, Insurers, Medicare etc…).  This is unavoidable when we live in a societal structure governed under capitalistic and market economy principals.

It therefore seems essential that beyond the drivers that have compelled you (a part of our user community) to become health care professionals there must be thought and effort toward ensuring that the compliance and financials of the “business” side of practicing health is being managed effectively and efficiently.

Although coreplus has developed patient and practice management technology in a way that enables health professionals to manage their practices effectively and efficiently from anywhere (using online technology), we see this as a minimum level of service being offered.

Why minimum?

Well, if you’re ready to throw away the paper diary or bespoke use of hotmail, Gmail, outlook and other incremental pieces of software then at a minimum you want one system that provides for all of your patient and practice management needs.

The question arises as to what is needed to encompass “all” of your patient and practice needs?

Over the years we’ve identified based on our community of users feedback a whole stack of features and functions which can be viewed here ( that give us a pretty good idea as to what those needs are.

Is everyone 100% happy?

Well, the short answer is no!

You see, we’ve also identified that each of you have your own sense of what you need and when you need it.  Although most of those requirements are catered for in our software, it will be seen as a minimum level of functionality when there are other requirements you have that are not being provided for.

For example the need to

  • run a BAS report, issue Payroll, prepare Superannuation payment summaries periodically for your staff and the relevant agencies…OR
  • reconcile your cash accounts and be able to run a Balance Sheet….OR
  • reconcile payments and data with your referring partners/ colleagues

Typically software vendors try and create “everything” into one product and this drives an incredible amount of time and monetary cost into the product, which ultimately translates into higher software licencing fees and expensive IT infrastructure to support it.

Our model at coreplus is to understand the core needs of our user community and ensure our product meets and exceeds expectations in that area.

We also focus on four (4) additional key areas that allow for each user to transform their experience of the Core (Patient & Practice Management) software into something that addresses 100% of their current and future requirements.

Those four requirements are the integration of the following design philosophies:

  1. Cash flow optimization and management technology
  2. Online add-on integration
  3. Referral of patients to you with real time booking directly into your diary
  4. E health compliance and features

NB: Note the acronym C.O.R.E…this is no accident (Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement coming soon)

How do we do this?

We take advantage of our software architecture which has been designed with a longer term vision as to where the IT trends would be going and will continue to go.  Hence, we have positioned our selves as a company that delivers software online as a service.

Being online provides you, the user, with so many advantages over traditional software desktop/ server installations.

Here are a few of those advantages in dot point:

  • Your hardware needs only be as complicated as supporting an Internet browser and an Internet connection e.g. the rest is provided via the browser with our Software as a Service;
  • You can use any device you feel most comfortable with e.g. PC, Notebook, Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad or even a Smart TV…we the tech geeks call this Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”);
  • You can practice from any location, OR, delivery “healthcare anywhere”, i.e. you can provide your services anywhere at anytime knowing your patient and practice management comes with you or, you virtually go to your.
  • Our Software is compatible with a number of other online software companies subject to integrating with them.  This means that once we approve an online software provider the data between the two systems can be synchronized with the touch of a button and you don’t have to pay for the software to be integrated!
  • Having your Software systems online and available from anywhere means you can invite your business advisor/s (Accountant, Lawyer, Etc…) onto the system in real time which ensures everyone has the most up to date information/ data to work with.
  • You can access services that assist in growing your practice or making your practice more streamlined in operation/ workflow e.g. referral of patients, faster cash flow turn around times with medicare and other medical billing agencies, accounting/ tax information management systems, e-Health functionality and compliance.

In addition to the advantages noted, the key points I want to get across is that we are a Software that really understands health practioner needs at a patient, practice & lifestyle level.  

We focus on delivering as a “minimum” standard levels of features and functionality needed to run a health practice successfully and beyond the CORE patient and practice management features and functions we have software architecture that allows you to expand based on your needs via online add-ons and better utilize your available time during the week with referral partner integration.

All this amounts to providing you a sense of knowing you’ve made the right choice when you subscribe to coreplus as it provides you the core…plus some much more.We’re calling this internally coreplus and will announce shortly why coreplus is going to transform the way software is used for patient and practice management.

Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to a series of blogs showing you what coreplus is all about, an exciting new announcement shortly and how you can use the advantages noted above to grow your practice using coreplus’s strategic and technological approach to the business of healthcare.

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