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By Yianni Serpanos | Sep 25, 2013

Information security is paramount in any business, especially in health care. coreplus take this very seriously, which is why we take every effort to ensure that our software is reliable and secure. The truth is cloud is the reality of living in the 21st century and has become one of the biggest changes to occur in the business sector of late. Businesses of all sizes across many sectors have recognised the benefits cloud can have to their practice, such as lower IT costs, reduced down time, and easy access to data from anywhere.

Secure Data Transmitted

Our team are dedicated to making sure your data is safe and secure by using a variety of methods:

  • The Secured Data Transmitted between the coreplus platform and the end user is encrypted using 256bit encryption with an SSL certificate issued by Thawte. This is the same way internet banking data travels.
  • While using coreplus, some browsers will indicate that you are using an SSL certificate keeping online interactions private.  For example, Chrome displays a green padlock in your internet browser which means data sent to you is safe.

Data Centre and Hosting

coreplus is hosted by Bullet Proof Networks.

  • The infrastructure complies with the Commonwealth Government standards governing the security of IT systems and infrastructure.
  • The data centre is an enterprise grade data centre with world-leading Class 1IDC infrastructure. This is the same data centre used and approved by the department of health and ageing.
  • Data is fully monitored with 24×7 security guards onsite and premises under constant CCTV surveillance.
  • To comply with Australia Law, all data, backups and offsite backups are stored within Australia.
  • The data you enter in coreplus is replicated among several database servers, as well as backed up off-site to prevent a single failure from causing data loss.
  • The multiple redundant VMware platform utilised offers, load balanced ESX servers to maximise performance and availability which has a minimalistic chance of unavailability
  • For more information on Bullet proof click here Data Hosting Technical Specifications


What more you can do

coreplus utilizes advanced technology to address security concerns, however, a risk exists that a user’s behaviour in accessing the system could produce a security breach.  This is best understood if for example you were to accidentally provide your username and password to an unauthorised person, they could then access your practice’s sensitive information. 

As an coreplus user you can help make your data safe too by doing the following things:

  • When working on a computer that is also used by others, always select ‘Public or Shared’ when  logging into coreplus 
  • Always be sure to reset your password regularly by contacting our support team.
  • Never share your coreplus password with anyone.
  • Realise that you’re vulnerable when you’re working on an open Wi-Fi network so always password protect your Wi-Fi network or lock it to known PC’s/ Tablets.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate system requirements and are using supported browsers.
  • Ensure you have updated software such as anti-virus software protection
  • If your Windows PC or Mac is ever infected with a virus, refrain from logging in to coreplus until you get this sorted.
  • When you backup your data, make sure you too are hosting the data somewhere safe
  • Do not open strange or unknown emails, hyper-links and/ or attachments
  • You can use user permissions and access levels to control which screens are visible to each employee, thus limiting access to sensitive information.
  • Report any spam emails to support@intracore.com.au
  • And don’t forget to log off

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