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Posted by Mark Pirotta, April 30th, 2014

Category: Technology

Over the weekend, Microsoft publicly announced a serious security vulnerability which affects Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 – essentially all versions. This flaw could allow hackers to execute remote commands on your computer should you visit a malicious website, allowing the hacker to control your entire computer and view/ edit/ delete files.

Microsoft have stated that they will release a fix shortly for Windows 7 and newer version of Windows. This means that if you’re still running Windows XP, Microsoft will not be releasing a fix, as Microsoft no longer support it.

Internet Explorer is the default web browser which has always been shipped out with Windows. It can be recognised by the distinct blue “e” icon with a golden halo surrounding it.

coreplus recommends the use of Google Chrome, for both Windows and Mac. Our own tests indicate that it’s a much faster, more reliable and more secure than other browsers available. Google Chrome is free, and can be downloaded from http://google.com/chrome 

This vulnerability doesn’t directly affect coreplus, however does affect our users who use Internet Explorer.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, we highly recommend switching to Chrome!

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