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Posted by Yianni Serpanos, April 7th, 2014

Categories: coreplus, Company News

Today coreplus is celebrating World Health Day by eating hand picked, organic food.

Organic food is grown naturally in nutrient dense soils without the use of chemical fertilizers, genetic engineering (GE), harmful pesticides, synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Organic farming techniques produce a higher nutrient and flavour content in our food, avoids chemical intake and exposure, rebuilds and protects our fragile environment and enriches the health of the consumer.

We want to thank our local business Victorian Organic Delivery for supporting organic farmers who are helping repair and sustain our soils, waterways and fragile environment by using long term farming solutions that support the natural ecosystems.

coreplus choose to order certified organic food from Victoria Organic Delivery to support our fragile environment, encouraging farmers to look to better ways to grow their crops, and giving our staff a delicious and healthy diet!

What are you doing for World Health Day today?




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