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6 ways to Practice Happy

By Yianni Serpanos | May 05, 2014

Being Happy doesn’t happen overnight and staying positive can be difficult as it requires regular awareness and training. It’s no surprise that people often find it easy to focus on a problem and waste their energy simply stating the problem.

At coreplus , we have a motto “Solutions not Problems”.

We are motivated daily to use our focus and energy to look for solutions after quickly acknowledging a problem.

What’s this got to do with running a health practice? Well, the coreplus team has family and friends who are Australian health providers working in primary, allied and complimentary health sectors.  Therefore, we know first hand what challenges exist in managing your health practice.  If you didn’t know, the coreplus Mission is all about “connecting, helping and growing Australian health providers”…it’s why we exist!

Knowing that running a health practice takes up a lot of time, it gives us a sense of purpose to ensure that coreplus helps achieve a “practice happy” experience.

So how do we practice happy? Here are 6 ways!

1) Start Simple
We all try to tackle a lot of work at one time and this can be overwhelming. It is important to start simple! When moving over to coreplus, begin with the basics first by using our innovative help desk video and step by step instructions.  coreplus is feature rich so the more you learn about it the more you can save time, money and effort in administrating your practice management.  Also, take advantage of the Medicare Billing & Claiming built in functionality and avoid third party terminals.  Your payments will be approved faster with cash at bank the next business day!

When we start simple and exploit the scale and streamline of practice management workflow built into coreplus we accomplish more which helps practice happy!

2) Use Online Add-on’s
When ready and if applicable to your growth plans, explore the community of online add on partners that coreplus is building.  Along with coreplus, you may also be a user. Did you know that we have an online automatic integration with  Xero that syncs your invoice and payment details so that you can run perform bank reconciliations super-fast, issue BAS/ PAYG reports, issue Payroll and prepare your annual income tax returns. This can save you book keeping time and effort straight away and help better manage finances/ compliance.  There are also managed book keeping and accounting advisory services you can link into the coreplus practice management experience.  Check out our online add-on’s here.

3) Create Partnerships
There is a saying that ‘two brains are better than one’ and this is why a lot of small, medium to large business owners create partnerships. Partnerships are when like-minded people with shared visions and values work towards success together. Partnerships are a great resource to boost your business. coreplus is currently recruiting business advisors, book keepers and accountants into our partner programs so that we can offer you connections/ networks to access and take the coreplus experience to the next level. Whether it is a business partner, a referral partnership or an affiliate partner; partnerships are designed to help and grow your practice allowing you to achieve your goals faster and this can can definitely make you Practice Happy!

4) Build Referral Networks
The best way to grow a health practice is to be introduced to more patients.  This usually happens by word of mouth from your local GP/s, colleagues, patients, family/ friends and in our case, coreplus.  Ask us about our referral network and partners involved.  Once you opt into some of our partner programs, you will be eligible to receive new patient referrals which ultimately will help deal with the gaps in your weekly schedules.  Being busy in a health practice is a sure-fire way to practice happy!

5) Smile
Research shows that you can trick your mind into thinking you’re happy if you just smile.
Try This: Smile and think of something that could upset you. Just like me, you probably found this exercise difficult to stay upset. This little technique proves that by just smiling, you can be Happy. Adopting this technique can improve your mood at work and also your interactions with customers. You will be amazed at how quickly and powerfully this can turn your bad mood around. Tell us about how happy you are by clicking the “Happy Face” on the bottom of your coreplus Dashboard.

6) Reward your self
If you start simple, add on solutions, create partnerships, manage your cash flow and smile; you will find that the result of this is a reward in itself. You get more time to do the things you love, you can spend more time with your friends and family and you can even plan a trip away. Gifting yourself comes in many forms and I think that it is important that you treat yourself on occasion.  Whether it is a book, chocolates, a massage, a new pair of shoes or just time away with the family; you will find, however you choose to reward yourself will help you to Practice Happy!

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