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Secure Messaging Delivery (SMD) Service launched by coreplus for its cloud practice management software

By coreplus | Jan 19, 2015

PulseITMagazine, 19 January 2015

In an industry first coreplus has successfully launched a Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Service to its community of allied & ancillary health professionals via its online patient & practice management software.

Rather than integrating with individual third party SMD vendors in the traditional manner coreplus has chosen to launch its own SMD Service built into the coreplus platform that acts as a hub for multiple SMD vendors.

coreplus CEO, John (Yianni) Serpanos said ”coreplus customers do not need to subscribe directly to each individual SMD vendor, coreplus does this on their behalf”. He went on to say “The coreplus SMD service subscribes to multiple SMD vendors and then acts as an exchange for its online patient & practice management software community. This removes the requirement for practitioners to individually pay joining fees and annual subscription fees to multiple SMD vendors, as well as preventing costly installation fees for integrations at a local site level”.

Secure Messages from multiple SMD vendors are received via the “Secure Messaging Inbox” accessed from the coreplus dashboard and can then be allocated to the appropriate client and practitioner for viewing. The Secure Messages once received can also be renamed for ease of retrieval in relation to a particular client, issue, practitioner or sending party.

coreplus CEO John (Yianni) Serpanos said “the coreplus SMD service represents a vital element to the coreplus eHealth Strategy and we’ve been working closely with Health Link and Health Connex to achieve such a positive outcome in delivering a one to many relationship between Allied Health and sources of eReferrals” he went on to say “by coreplus incorporating SMD Services within the platform  coreplus has innovated what has previously been for allied health a costly fragmented service offering, with a simple pay as you go service.  Coreplus is focussed on making the lives of Allied & Ancillary Health providers easier whilst also lowering barriers to entry for eHealth adoption.  The SMD Service offers a 1 to many relationship between an Allied Health professional and all sources of eReferrals.”

How to set up Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Service in coreplus: 


What is the Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Service? 

Secure Messaging supports the secure point-to-point delivery of healthcare messages to a single known receiving organisation. Message content is securely encrypted then delivered using standards set by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), Standards Australia and secure messaging vendors.

Several commercial products and services have been successfully tested for conformance to NEHTA’s secure messaging specifications two of which are added on to. Presently, the following SMD Network Add-On Partners license to coreplus software that is utilised for the SMD Service in conjunction with coreplus;

  • HealthLink International Ltd – Licensor of HealthLink Messaging System
  • Health Connex – Licensor of Argus (DCA Direct eHealth Solutions)

Additional information:

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