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HealthEngine now integrated with coreplus

By Yianni Serpanos | Oct 07, 2015

Get new clients and have your online marketing taken care of with HealthEngine. Referrals direct into your practice management software calendar.

It’s in Beta, which is developer-speak for “so very close to fully completed”. This add on is joins our other referrer networks, VirtualBriefcase & AnywhereHealthcare.

HealthEngine is an online booking and marketing portal for your practice. Set up a profile for your practice & practitioners to be found in HealthEngine’s search directory – and land new clients.

HealthEngine has been adopted by a significant number of the Australian public over the past couple of years.

In June 2012, 4,000 bookings had been made on HealthEngine. Today, just three years later, this has increased to 1,000,000 bookings and a health appointment is booked every 20 seconds compared to every 2.5 hours in 2012. HealthEngine plans to continue this momentum, with 120,000 bookings a month its projected bookings will increase by a further 300 per cent within the next 18 months.

Key facts:

  • 74 per cent of all bookings are made out of office hours
  • Over 40 per cent are made in the evenings between 9pm and 2am 15 per cent of those are booked between midnight and 1am
  • 53 per cent of all online bookings are made using a mobile device
  • More than 1 in 3 (36 per cent) online bookings for GP appointments are made on Sundays and Mondays
  • Online booking services are most commonly used by women with more than 68 per cent of users being female

–, 12 June 2015

Learn more about the HealthEngine add on

Whether you’re subscribed to coreplus, or investigating coreplus in a trial account – you can request the HealthEngine add on:

Request HealthEngine Add On (Beta Release)

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