On the 6th April, 2020 I hosted a Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream with Dr Kaye Frankcom from Kaye Frankcom Consulting,

Kaye share her thoughts and suggestions on key things to think about as Mental Health practice owners and practitioners.  We talked about the following key topics:

  • Medicare and TeleHealth Item Codes for online Mental Healthcare
  • Seeing the opportunity for mental healthcare businesses versus the
  • Reaching out for support and look after mental healthcare providers own health and wellness
  • Coping with fast change and uncertainty in fast paced times
  • Digital Health, Secure Messaging, TeleHealth, Online Bookings, Outcome Measurement and Reimagining the engagement model with clients
  • Why online helps us adapt away from the safety of practice treatment into client centric models of care e.g. video, phone, chat
  • Beyond Mental Health expertise and into mental health coaching
  • Now more than ever embracing the use of patient & practice management software
  • Why the the world of healthcare will never be the same e.g. disaster recovery, bio security, adaptation of habits and expectations
  • Moving from a “survive”mindset to a “thrive” mindset
  • The opportunity to establish a “professional lifestyle”by adapting service coverage windows into your scheduling approach to your clients preferred times of day and not being bound by 9 to 5 business hours.
  • How to think through the creation of the space for TeleHealth to set the scene for therapy online i.e. your space and the visual image projected via video
  • Working through the narrative and story of these times e.g. COVID-19 to be better able to support clients with their anxiety or depression with isolation, economic circumstances etc…
  • The Evidence supporting that TeleHealth and Online Mental Health not only can work, it is working
  • Clinical Governance in the context of adaptation and Digital Health
  • Designing of Digital Healthcare eXperiences for clients of Mental Healthcare
  • The key things to have in place to support your clients accessing your TeleHealth service
  • The opportunity to break away from Google AdWords to promote access to your mental healthcare services using Digital Health directories
  • Creating your Digital Health Profile for referrers to be able to find you online

During the Live Stream, Bryan Macdonald asked:

Good conversation! Kaye, you mentioned measuring clinical outcomes from TeleHealth consultations.  What do you suggest are ways of evaluating clinical outcomes and whether the mode was effective?

In responding to Bryan’s question, Kaye explains the way she would recommend given reference to Scott D Millers Feedback Informed Therapy and what and why reporting systems for administering and scoring the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS).

I showed some slides that highlighted key things to consider around removing technical obstacles for your clients accessing your healthcare services, completing intake and session rating forms to name a few.


TeleHealth WorkFlow and SetUp
TeleHealth Workstation SetUp for Allied Health


There is no doubt in my mind that all healthcare can provide some aspects of their services online via TeleHealth.  It will open up opportunities to innovate and create deeper, more engaged and longer lasting relationships throughout the course of your clients life and your professional career.  Right now going on a mutual learning curve and adventure with your clients will generally facilitate a set of shared experiences that will likely result in your clients talking with their social groups about the experience.  This is more likely to encourage other family and friends of your clients to consider engaging with your online healthcare service.

Additionally, where your clients go back to their GP or other healthcare provider and share with them the positive experience they had with your online mental healthcare service, this will also create a strong impression in the minds of your referral network and position you and someone who they can trust with their clients.

If you’re a mental healthcare provider, practice owner or practitioner this discussion is a must for you to get insights into a peers perspective of the opportunity presented by COVID-19 and encouragement to think longer term around the benefits of adaptation today and going forward.

The Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream

The TeleHealth Adapation for Mental Healthcare live stream was recorded and is now avaialable via coreplus’s YouTube Channel, or it can be watched within coreplus’s FaceBook page Video Tab

My next Live Stream will be a discussion with Will Egan from AUSMED around Online CPD & Clinical Up Skill for Remote Healthcare Team: Reimagining Healthcare scheduled for Thursday 9th April at 9.30am AEST.  You can stay updated by Subscribing to the coreplus YouTube Channel and click the bell to be notified of updates.

TeleHealth for Mental Healthcare providers, practice owners and individual practitioners

As coreplus’s TeleHealth feature has now been released, you can access it for free on our Standard and eHealth plan types.  Our Customer Success Team is available 6 Days a week during business hours via our website chat or in product chat, found out more or start a free trial here:


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